Popular culture into rock music and tattoos

The paper ” Popular Culture into Rock Music and Tattoos ” is an outstanding example of a sociology essay. Very much to my demise, I had the opportunity to experience sharing time with youngsters that are into rock music and tattoos. I am a conservative type of woman and I did not think I could sit down with youngsters that although they seem different from the outside, they have such humanistic feelings. These youngsters have tattoos, shaved or long hair, and their body is pierced. I had an opportunity to speak with one of them who has a young girlfriend with similar traits. He told me that he had no desire to continue pursuing his high school degree. When I asked him why he was studying, he said that his parents forced him to. He rarely goes to classes although he is in school. His girlfriend and his similar thinking friends attend the same high school and whenever they can escape attending classes they do. I asked him, what did he think he would do in the future? and he said that he would continue doing what he does, sleep. He seems to have no direction in life. He is often depressed, although he seems to be happy when he is surrounded by his girlfriend and his friends. He seems to be very angry with his parents and tries just the opposite to do anything that has to do against authority. I will spend more time with him to see if I am able to get through to him. He is so well mannered. I feel that he needs professional help to help him seek himself. I enjoyed being with him and sharing different ways of visualizing life.