Pop culture media critique

Gay Acceptance Affiliation Gay Acceptance When the show ‘ Will & Grace’ took in the airwaves in September 1998, it offered the first make lead on the US broadcast television. Will in season one of ‘ Will and Grace’ was not represented with any general stereotypical gay behavior, but as the show continues Will accepts this and decides to lead life’s path as gay. (Will & Grace Season 1 Videos & Clips Online)
‘ The New Normal’ presents the gay as an accepted part of society and the way they live their lives. David and Bryan are presented as an ordinary couple struggling to have a child through adoption just like any other barren couple. (Trailer: The New Normal (NBC)
As observed ‘ Will and Grace’ present the gay community as a society struggling for acceptance while the show ‘ The New Normal’ portrays the gay community as an accepted part of the society, even the name suggests the acceptance as it refers to being gay as the ‘ new normal’.
The United States government thought the governance of George W. Bush greatly supported the theme presented by ‘ Will and Grace’ and it offered great support through the broadcast of hundreds of commercials on the sit-com with the help of the Bush campaign during the presidential campaigns.
The heterosexual women in both shows play the role of supporting the couple and are used as the audiences judge on the gay characters. They are greatly important as they help the gay couple in understanding their roles as partners and also enabled the audience in the acceptance of the gay in the society showing that they are simply as natural as any other community in the society. For example, the women in ‘ The New Normal’ help the couple in acquiring an adopted child. (Will & Grace Season 1 Videos & Clips Online, Trailer: The New Normal)
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