Political spectrum

The Political Spectrum is a term given to the different ideologies of political parties or organizations. The Young Men’s Christian Association is one organization on the left side of the Spectrum. The YMCA provides after school programs for both children and adults. A right wing group is the John Birch Society which dedicates itself to restoring and preserving freedom under the United States Constitution.

The Young Men’s Christian Society (YMCA) was founded in London to improve the spiritual condition of young men engaged in the drapery and other trades during the 1800s. Today the YMCA appears in over 124 countries and help promotes a healthy, balanced lifestyle regardless of beliefs or gender.

This year on, April 27 2007, Durham YMCA held an open house for their new Y-Knot Abilities Programs. This program offers children and youth with physical disabilities access to the YMCA programs. The Y-Knot creates an ” Equal Playing Field” for disabled youth. The Y-Knot Abilities program shall run every Friday from 5: 00 to 7: 00 pm in the gymnasium.

Through the years, the YMCA has setup the YMCA Strong Kids Fundraiser. Themoneyraised helps provides, families YMCA memberships, Children and Youth a chance to go to camp, renovations on community YMCA’s and the fees for training new employees. Their goal from the fundraiser is hope on providing children and families with the tool they need to succeed.

The YMCA’s goal to create a positive attitude both physically and mentally in the community is achieved through a balancedleadershipstyle. The organization creates both fundraisers to decrease membership fees, improve community recreations and increase daily activities to achieve their goal. There is no force by the organization to the community in participating in fundraisers and activities.

The John Birch Society (JBS) is a right wing organization established in Indiana in 1958 by a group of twelve ” patriotic and public-spirited” men. The society opposes socialism, communism, Nazism, and fascism, and strongly agrees to a limited federal government under the Constitution of the United States.

The JBS plans many campaigns to help preserve freedom for themselves and American families. A recent campaign was called the ” Repeal NAFTA” campaign. Goalsare to withdraw U. S. membership form in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The society has dedicated time in creating pamphlets and written articles to approve in the withdrawal of NAFTA.

The JBS has also organized the ” JBS Freedom Campaign”. The campaign was designed for all Americans who want to preserve their cherished lives of freedom for themselves and theirfamily. Through this campaign they will have the opportunity to participate with other Americans to help defeat some of the biggest threats to their way of life. The campaign acts like umbrella against issues such asillegal immigrationand the North American Union.

The JBS goal to preserve freedom for themselves and American families is achieved through an authoritarian leadership style. The society sets campaigns against the government to set regulations or eliminate different acts such as IllegalImmigrationand NAFTA. The group forces people to join through riots, publicity and the internet.

The YMCA on the spectrum is located at 3 o’clock on the left side due to being a beneficial organization to many communities. YMCA holds programs, clubs, fundraisers and teams to help create a positive attitude physically and mentally in the attitude. The JBS society would be located between 9 o’clock and 10 o’clock along the right side. The JBS is a group against communism and socialism, which are mid. to high left wing characteristics. The society opposed the ” Civil RightsMovement”, an act ofequalitybetween colored and whites. Both organizations are clearly opposites due to the way they achieve their beliefs and achieve them.