Political science creative writing

The paper is written in order to educate the reader regarding the current Healthcare reform suggested by President Obama and it’s after effects on the employer. It is also an analysis of how special interest groups play a major role in the implementation of this reform.

Post World War II the US healthcare reform has set in motion the largest employer provided health benefits. The law embeds many new and radical social and economic incentives due to which employers will restructure the benefits in dramatic manner. The bill proposes many changes to ensure a fair and affordable healthcare insurance. According to studies the reform whose many provisions take effect from 2014 will have a drastic effect on the Employer sponsored insurance as probably 30% employers will discontinue offering ESI after 2014. (“ Terrrell D.”, 2008) Studies also depict that 30% of employers would gain drastically by dropping ESI, even after offering benefits and increments. The new reforms have set the employers thinking for new strategies and the implications of these reforms on the workforce are being examined.
Implementation of the bill will directly affect the employers, but will at the same time ensure fair healthcare opportunities for everyone. The question thus arises whether it should be passed as the special interest groups comprising of insurance companies, hospitals, drug manufacturers device and equipment makers and doctors will all be majorly affected by this Affordable Care Act. They pay the lobbyist for formulating favorable policies with the help of the legislators. Taking the wrath of these very special interest groups can be unfavorable for legislators as they are extremely powerful and their votes are important for the upcoming elections.(“ Singhal S.”, 2011)
Special interest groups lobby and collaborate with the congress while formulating healthcare reforms. Direct lobbying, grassroots lobbying and political campaigns are some of the means through which interest groups get a hold over the reforms. They also aim at educating the masses of the current scenario and thus indulge in citizen participation which in turn causes legislators to formulate reforms. When forming the Affordable Care Act and implementing it, Congress cannot avoid the power of special interest groups as they substantially control the functioning of reform. (“ Grier P.”, 2010)


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