Planet feedback assignment

Planet feedback Assignment The following are popular letter topics for Dell Computer Corporation Table Popular letter topics for Dell Computer Corporation (Planetfeedback)
Shown in Table 1 are popular letter topics for Dell Computer Corporation. It appears customer service letters bested among any other concerns customers sent to Dell Computer Corporation. In fact, of the top 25 letters sent to the company, the common theme or topic is in line with concerns associated with customer service. Most of these are expressing customers’ negative response to Dell’s product and service offerings. Customers actually address their concerns to customer service, so it is not by far some contents of the letters should have remarkable association with the latter. For example, in the top five comments, the trending is associated with faulty products and customer value. Customers could actually forward these concerns to customer service department, especially that all of them are actually negative comments about the products and services Dell offered to its prospective and potential customers.
In the case of some concerns about faulty products, based on the top five letters, a customer tries to bring the topic about defective product that is cheaply made and comment on expensive repair for it. As a result, the customer has come to decide buying another brand in the future. At the last part of the letter, the customer tries to recommend and address it to the company not to make their products so cheap and even to apply them better warranty. The customer also has a preconceived idea, those products that are cheap and with no better warranty must have come from China or made in there. This is a negative feedback on the part of Dell and remarkably needs serious response on the part of the management. The mentioned concern of this specific customer possibly threatens the kind of image Dell would create in the market. This would eventually try to make possible customer erosion or even loss of chance of purchase on Dell’s product offerings from those who are still searching for the best brand. They are the ones most likely looking for the best brand feedback as they would want to maximize the value for their money. So this is actually the next concern of the other letter sent to Dell at Planetfeedback.
Another customer expresses bad experience with Dell products. This customer seems to have high level of loyalty for Dell brands from the start. This customer used to patronize Dell’s offerings for four years, but not until having bad purchase with defective product. This fails the customer’s expectation, leaving the idea it is not worth to buy products from Dell again. The bottom line of this concern is about the defective product that the customer has difficulty finding support. In fact, Dell has this online technical support for that, but it seems the idea would be to read it and the customer will do the rest. This seems to be hard on the part of that customer and especially those who are not actually having high savvy with computer technology.
In general, customer service has to play a crucial role in the midst of flooding customer negative feedbacks about Dell’s product and service offerings. The trending is in line with negative comments so it is important Dell has to do something about each of this concern by integrating the general issue associated with these matters.
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