Physical apperance of someone

Give some thought to the physical appearance of someone you don’t know very well, but see from time to time (at work, at school, in your community). Consider the person’s attractiveness, physique, accent, clothing, or other salient characteristics. Have you ever talked to him or her? Why or why not? Analyze your evaluation of this person based on social psychology principles studied in this course, including schemas, attitudes, prejudice and discrimination.
I would like to draw attention to my neighbor, let’s call him Uncle Pete. I don’t know him very well and he belongs to my neighborhood, which qualifies him for this psychological analysis. Pete is a well-dressed man, from his appearance he looks like a regular 9-5 office man, punctual and responsible. Physically speaking, he is white, looks athletic and appears to be in his early 40s. But as they say, looks can be deceiving, but that metaphor is not factor worth considering for this analysis.
I have not personally talked to him, because he never looks at anyone directly in the eye. But at the same time he doesn’t feel timid or shy. He projects the aura of a person who minds only his own business and doesn’t want to meddle in anyone’s, nor does he ever want anyone to poke nose in his. For this quality, I never felt the urge to talk to him. I see him whenever I’m staying home; get in a car, wearing a nice suit, with an expensive looking watch on his right wrist.
The way he wears his watch on his right wrist and not on left which is a custom for the male gender, reflects he doesn’t give much value to norms. But at the same time, his tidiness, his clean well pressed suits and shirts, always sparkling polished black shoes, show that probably he only cares about his own rules or the one he deems worthy enough. He doesn’t look very social, not because he doesn’t have the confidence to interact but probably because he chooses not to.
His hair is always parted from the same side, and he always wears the same hairstyle. On Sundays, he goes jogging in his sneakers, trousers and T-shirt. When it gets really cold he wears a jacket but strangely enough, that watch is always on his wrist. And by the appearance of the watch, it looks quite heavy. Probably Pete is touchy about things, like a perfectionist, who always like to see things in the same perfect way.
Although I have not talked to him ever but from his appearance I think he’s not much of a talker. He probably uses few words to express a lot, a calculated conversationist. Without going into the debate of whether that is good or bad, Pete is probably not very artistic or creative. With his perfect routine and spotless clothes, this gives an indication of an army officer and not a sketch artist who has a messy workshop in his home basement.
Putting the spotlight on Pete’s apparently perfect daily routine, he seems like a calm and content person. Even if he doesn’t socialize very much, there is not a flinch or a wrinkle on his forehead when he passes anyone on the street. If he someone says hi to him, he does reply back with a smile but never initiates the talk. It seems as if he is content with what he has even in the relationships department.
Pete moved in our neighborhood six months ago and I’m not sure if he’s married or not. I have seen people come and go at his house but they appear to be coworkers. From his two cars, his suits and the appearance of people that visit his home, he looks like a person who earns good. I only see him buy food items like fruits, vegetable and meat, which indicates that he does most of his shopping online.
To sum up Pete’s appearance, he is a white, attractive, punctual, reserve but confident person, in his forties. He doesn’t seem like wasting time and appears to be bust most of the time.