Pfizer plans to pleasure astrazeneca-wsj monday 4/28 pgb1

Pfizer plans to pleasure astrazeneca-WSJ monday 4/28 pgB1

Pfizer to Pursue Bid for AstraZeneca In the article, “ Pfizer to Pursue Bid for AstraZeneca,” Dana Cimilluca and Jonathan D. Rockoff explore Pfizer’s pursuit AstraZeneca, for its U. K competitor on the basis of information from sources close to the two companies. According to the authors, the marriage between Pfizer Inc. (PFE -0. 87%) and AstraZeneca (AZN. LN -0. 22%) would result into a huge pharmaceutical company worth about $300 billion. The authors report further that the pursuit of the acquisition deal by the New York-based Pfizer Inc. would lead to a deal worth over $100 billion owing to the fact that the market capitalization of AstraZeneca is valued at more than $85 billion.
The union between the two companies would yield one big firm with high capacity to treat major maladies because the resultant company would have drugs for treating diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, as well as heart disease. According to the article, the acquisition pursuit is a rekindled earlier attempt by Pfizer to see the deal through the deal. Pfizer’s pursuit of AstraZeneca is understood to be fueled by the current acquisitions in the health care industry and came a week after a major acquisition deals involving Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. and Allergan Inc. as well as Novartis AG, GlaxoSmithKline PLC and Eli Lilly & Co. Acquiring AstraZeneca would result into Pfizer’s largest deal after Warner-Lambert acquisition in 2000 for $90 billion. The deal focuses on cutting losses made by each company with both companies having suffered revenue fall by 6% in 2013 with both companies eying to make more losses in sales in the next years. However promising, successful merger of drugs pipeline of the two companies remains uncertain.
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