Personal leadership plan

[pic] Personal Leadership Plan Axia College HSM 230 Leadership is about vision, principle and integrity. I would define it as a power to motivate others through your words and deeds.

And Ethical leadership is ethically motivating others in ethical directions. It’s knowing your core values and having the courage to live them in service of the common good. Human Services is a very sensitive field where ethics are of great importance. We would expect to find issues associated with ethical decisions in Human Services.

Taking it seriously is to treat people influenced by their decision with the dignity and respect they are due.

Best results can be produced because a broad range of inputs has been considered. Humans are most important and treating them with respect and dignity is the essence of Human Services. Knowledge and Courage are the two most important ingredients of Ethical leadership. Another important pillar of this building is the imagination. Lack of imagination stops you from looking beyond the usual confines of an issue.

The ultimate goal of a leader is always recognition and fame but of an ethical leader is the Respect in the hearts of the people.

The type of Human Services job that I strive to have one day would be either in a Cardiologist clinic as a Medical Administrator or in a clinic that helps individuals overcome substance abuse problems. In either field I believe that my ethical responsibility would be similar. As a leader in my field, it would be my responsibility to make sure that the staff under me was following all the rules of the program to the letter.

It would also be my responsibility to help them make the right decision if they were having issues with a certain case, no matter what my personal feelings were about the situation. My job would ultimately be to follow the law and protect the clients that come to our service, as well as to protect the employees that work under me. The road map that I would probably choose to follow would be to first practice preventative ethical dilemmas.

Instead of waiting around for a situation to come up, we would be hopefully stopping them before they happen.

By doing this I would be helping to avoid many future problems, such as conflict of interest that could cause irreversible damage to our organizations team. It is important that I, as the leader, take a preventative ethics approach to individual and organizational conflicts of interest. If situations come up that we had not planned on, we would tackle them head on to clear all matters up as quickly as possible. The first step that I would take as leader would be to strengthen the fiduciary professionalism of the company.

By taking a co-fiduciary plan of action, leaders, physicians and non-physicians would all be taking on the ethical responsibility together to ensure quality of patient care.

I would also implement a mission statement that would state the co-fiduciary responsibility and what was to be expected of them at all times. Consequences will be listed as well to let them know that non-ethical practices will not be tolerated. When working with individuals that have substance abuse problems, I feel that it would be my duty to keep all of their personal and private information a secret.

It would be my obligation to make sure that they felt comfortable coming back to my facility over and over, knowing that we have their best interest at heart and we will do what we can to protect them and help them. I would expect that all individuals that worked for our company would take extra pride in knowing that they were helping these people seeking out their help. Unless an individual was in danger of hurting themselves or another human being, all matters would be tended to in the facility and kept in the facility.

As a leader, I hope to show my employees what I stand for. That would be that I am a fair, ethical, and moral individual. A person that takes here responsibility very seriously, that wants to serve and protect all individuals that come in to our facility in search of help, and well as to protect all the individuals that serve under me. That I will follow the laws that are set for our company, as well as for the state, keep all information confidential, and report any information that would be harmful that I am obligated to.