Personal information

Part My is Alahmadi Naif from Saudi Arabia. I am married with children and had been a technician for 16 years. I have BCLS AND ACLS ANDALS I had travelled in many cities to practice my profession. One of the most significant work experiences I had was the time I worked in Haj season twice because of the sheer number of people we have to cater. There were at least 4. 5 billion who came in one place in one day and serving them proved to be a challenge but nevertheless we overcame the difficulty.
During my free time, I spend quality moments with my wife and children. I also engage in outdoor activities like diving, falconry and fishing. I like dive and fish during summer while I typically hunt (falconry) during winter to take advantage of big bird (Hobarh and crewel stone) migration during that season.
I am also active in my community and like to help people regardless of nationality or creed which explain why I was drawn to the paramedic career. I just wanted to get better with my job so I am in a better position to help other people and to advance my career as well.
I am pursuing post graduate study because I would like to be the head of my own department in five years.

Part 2 Professional Reflection
I must admit that I am facing many challenges with my studies. I am however diligent in studying hoping that I would be able to overcome my difficulty through hard work.
In particular, I was having hard time dealing with Pathophysiology of cardiovascular system. I also had difficulty with dealing many diseases and ECG 3 lead and 12 lead and medication. There are just too many diseases and I find it a challenge to memorize them. The same goes with mental illness where are too many theories about them and so many ways to deal with them.
My expectation for this subject is for me to have a grasp about the subject matter and that would make me competently deal with this illness in the future.