Performance and director

A director is in charge of all aspects of the production, a director’s job is to tie up all performance element together. The director must have vision of how should the character moves, the lighting that help enhance the mood of the play, the sets and props. As an Actor we often find problem such as, don’t know how to pose our hand, where to stand and which way to walk. We are “ floating” in the stage, because we are not sure what our role is. Then it is the director’s role to direct and told the actor what to do so they will not be “ floating” anymore.

First the director have to read and understand the script, know what is the meaning of the play, understand each character in the play so that he or she can make choice or decision during rehearsal. The next step is to start rehearsal. Director have to position actors on stage. Usually the director will decide where is the 5 acting area, but it can be more. For example for realistic play, the 5 acting area can be sofa, kitchen, dining table, bed, beside window, and etc. A director will start to draw the set in a groundplan. When a play is directed by a good director, the audience won’t get distracted by something or someone else on the play.

A good director can provide focus of the play, where the audience should see and focus on. If the audience get distracted or confuse during the play, it’s the director’s fault. A play is symbolic, it’s artificial. All the elements of the play on the stage is symbolic. The actor represent another person on the stage. The set and probs is symbolic too, because it represent the chair in the play storyline. Then why people go to see a play? Because we can relate the play to us in the real world. View pointing is using different form from traditional As an actor physically awkward, dunno wat to do with hand. View pointing help or not? at is d intention, wat d director want us to do. Ans: viewpointing tu diff approach. View pointing tu, dr awal acara gk ad plot, cuma ad movement. Director Don’t make movement that is not important how to solve problem tgn yg gk tau taru dimn. Kenapa tgn kita tak tau mau ngap. karna kt gk yakin apa yg harus kt lakukan, gk yakin ttg role mrk. Role, space, body. Viewpointing is using different from from traditional Collaborative-haresh sharma messy… Base of my knowledge from blabla 5acting areas. Provide the focus, if audience distracted with someone else, don’t put that on purpose. Director’s fault. A PLAY IS artificial.