Perception and societal factors

Serenity In Joss Hoedown’s ” Serenity’ and ” Firefly’, the human race used and polluted the Earth until it could no longer support life. In order to survive, humanity had to leave Earth- That-Was and find a new home. Taking place 500 years in the future, the Chinese and Americans were the main cultures that have survived centuries of time and light- years of travel, they have blended into oneculturewhere speaking English can suddenly give way to speaking Chinese as if they were one language. Stereotypes and rejoice were mostly observed in Alliance vs..

Brownout scenes, and by Jane (Adam Baldwin). The solar system that Serenity takes place in is made up of central planets governed by ” The Alliance”, essentially THE government. Some people didn’t want to be governed by The Alliance while others welcomed the idea. Thus a war began. Malcolm Reynolds, Captain of the ship Serenity, fought on the side of the Brownouts. The Alliance won the war and maintained control of the central planets while the Babel ” Brownouts” typically settled on the outer desolate American old-west type planets, poor, lawless.

Ethnocentrism can probably be observed in the crew of Serenity, they’ve become afamily, weary of outsiders. The Verse is a dangerous place. The Alliance and all their riches have built the biggest cities, the biggest buildings, the biggest army, and besttechnologyincluding weapons and ships. The crew of Serenity tends to stay clear of Alliance considering the Jobs they take are often illegal. The Alliance is the Role of Power.