Pepsi repairing poisoned reputation in india

In this case, we find that the Pepsi is reluctant in ensuring that the soft drinks that are produced in India are of good quality and at the same time they are safe for the community. We find that Pepsi and also the other manufacturers of soft drinks do use or rather apply the stringent European waters quality standards to the produces which they produce in India. This is ignorance of the highest order. The reason is that in India, the conditions under which the products are manufactured are completely different from the conditions in Europe.

For instance, we find that in Europe, they do not use ground water in their production while in India, they are entirely dependent on this ground water which after the research, it is found to have a lot of pesticide traces which are said to have serious effects such as cancer after a long period of time. (Brady) Even though the government in India may be reluctant and seems to seriously trust the European water quality standards, Pepsi is responsible for applying the stringent European water quality standards since with them, they will have more freedom.

This means that the cost of production of the products will also be higher. In addition, the local standards seem to be too strict for the manufacturers and therefore if they are given a chance, they would go for the requirements which are less time consuming and also those that seem cost effective. I therefore believe that Pepsi Company is fully responsible for the stringent European water quality standards which are there in the division of the international company that is located in India. (Brady) Works Cited Brady, Diane. ” Pepsi: Repairing Poisoned Reputation In India. ” BusinessWeek 7 June 2007.