Peer assessment & evaluation

Peer Assessment and Evaluation Indeed, I was successful in introducing the idea to create a prototype system for remotely controlling fridge, freezers, and heating systems. I also made a significant contribution in doing the ” Ethics assignment,” ” Project Planning, Risks, and Requirements of the remotely controlled temperature regulating system. Although the project was successful, the contribution was not equal and most of the contribution came from me. My contribution to the project involved initiating and startup of the remote control software program that can remotely control the temperature of a freezer or a heating system. More importantly, the application for running the remote system could also be used on android phones. Simply, the system involved creating a software platform for controlling the temperature of a fridge, freezer, and a heating system without being physically present on the component being controlled. The software platform that we made is compatible on cellphones and is actually compatible to android operating system. My contribution included the idea and knowledge of creating the software platform and the means of transmitting the signal to the components. Part of our project involved making the remote control compatible to android operating system. Where the heating system is a mechanism for maintaining temperatures at an acceptable level, my contribution to this venture was limited as I put a lot of focus on the remote fridge and making sure that the system can be operated using android powered phones. However, I took time to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of our remote control system software. Personally, I achieved the project’s learning outcomes. The functionality of the remotely controlled fridge and the heating system were part of my learning outcomes. Indeed, I used the ideas learnt in class developed them to applicable knowledge in this project. The project planning, the study of the ethics assignment, the knowledge of the risks and requirements on the project did not escape my attention. The idea to initiate a relevant project that will enhance energy saving, promote affordability at low costs fostered the projects learning outcomes. However, I somewhat failed in aspects relating to leadership, organization, and interpersonal skills but my contribution to the idea and knowledge required for the project was immense. As such, I personally achieved the project’s learning outcomes. I did well in thinking of the application, bringing out the idea to my colleagues for implementation. In addition, my research on the ” Ethics assignment,” ” Project Planning, Risks and Requirements on the project were on the affirmative. This brought fundamental knowledge to the project hence its success. Moreover, my development of the class knowledge towards achieving the project’s learning outcomes was good for the project. However, I would have done better in organizing the entire project process. My organization on the project failed and was it not for my colleagues the project would have failed. This rose from the fact that I lack better interpersonal skills to drive my point’s home. In addition, had I done more, detailed, and prior research on this project, the results would come in the neighborhood of time. Universally, there is more that I would have done to help the group become more successful in developing this project. Indeed, I would have encouraged more participation and contribution from all the group members especially those who offered just adequate contribution. I should have advocated for leaning of better communication skills to ensure good interpersonal skills for purposes of running the project. In addition, giving more time to the project would have ensured timely completion, concentration and thus the success of the group. From the remotely controlled fridge and heating system project, I learnt a lot. Most significantly, I learnt how to apply class and research knowledge in the real life applications. The many risks and requirements to projects also hit my mind. The need for better interpersonal skills, leadership, and organization in a given project was so clear to me. Moreover, the need for detailed research, concentration, objectivity, and time consciousness came to surface. Next time I will seek to equip myself with the requisite knowledge from reliable research studies. I will also seek to minimize the risks involved in the project and endeavor to satisfy the requirements of the project. More so, I will encourage the participation of all members, encompass the qualities and interests of all members, observe time consciousness, and focus on the main objective to the end of the process. In conclusion, I find that my group and I did the best in contributing to the project hence its success. However, there is still more space for improving the project to perfection.