Passenger plane publicity research paper examples

Passenger plane publicity

Publicity mainly deals with drawing of attention towards an event or person. This is mainly due to some aspects of the event of person which are unique and of special consideration. In most cases, any incident that affects a passenger plane is usually treated with publicity.
One of the main features about passenger planes that draw publicity is terrorists. This is mainly because terrorists are well known for their hijacking activities and using the plane to accomplish their missions. Passenger planes are more prone to terrorist attacks than private planes thus this is one of the factors that makes passenger planes items of great publicity (Bennie, 2007).
The other factor that makes these planes items of publicity is the type of people they carry and their history. From the mode of operation, passenger planes carry people of different nationalities thus any factor affecting these planes are treated with utmost importance and great publicity (Bennie, 2007).
Another upcoming tread is involvement of terrorists in any event of a plane coming down unexpectedly. In most of these cases, the allegations are false since statistics indicate that about 70% of plane accidents are caused by engine problems and not terrorism (Bennie, 2007).
Since terrorists are usually associated with this behavior, they always take the blame and use it as an opportunity to accomplish the set goals. Several factors favor them and may be briefly described below. First, by accepting blame they petrify the security personnel and draw the security attention towards the plane crash. This gives the terrorists ample time to plan and execute some of their plans (i. e. the plane incident acts as a pinning force to hold the attention of security personnel giving the terrorists a chance to execute their plans). Secondly, they instill fear in countries thus they cause tension in the countries. By stirring peace and fuelling commotion and distrust, they make their territory larger by feigning to provide security to the members. As a result, the people follow the terrorist groups making them to grow stronger each day (Bennie, 2007).

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