Participant observation assignment

Participant Observation Assignment Participant Observation Strengths: the method has several strengths when it comes to collection of data. The first is about first hand information got from the observation of how people relate in a specific environment. The second is the provision of uninterrupted environment for obtaining data unlike other methods.
Weaknesses: the weakness of the method involves time consumption and too much assumption. A good example of this is by judging that there is harmony between couples just by the facial expressions as they are talking.
Place: Starbucks café, Pasadena, TX
Time of day: 0730 a. m., Wednesday morning
Date: November 8, 2014
Work has begun as usual in Starbucks coffee shop which is a favorite joint to the majority of the people around the area. The employees are rushing up and down to ensure the increasing number of customers is served to satisfaction. The coffee shop is set up in cool and attractive environment with a relaxed ambiance convenient for all kinds of people. The sense of hygiene can be easily noticed by the clean floor made of stained concrete with further decorations of blue and magenta runner at the entrance. Towards the front are set four small round wooden tables each with two wooden chairs that have attractive brown cushions. At the back, one cannot fail to notice a leather couch that provides a perfect position to watch the television situated above the counter. Further relaxing environment is provided by the outside sitting place. Through the corridor leading to the outside place, there are posters and samples in small wooden shelves for the customers to take home.
Two beautiful women converse in a low tone as they are waiting to be served at the counter. One of the ladies seems to be in her early thirties is wearing a short black skirt and a plain white blouse and carrying a brown handbag. The other lady is simple and seems to be in her late twenties. She is wearing blue jeans with college jacket that was buttoned not letting anyone see what she was wearing inside. ” Next please” the barista whose name is Cristabel said in a soft, friendly voice. The two ladies moved close and made their order. At the couch, there are seated two men, Santi and Costa. They are talking in Spanish, and it is clear that they are speaking about what is in the news as they keep pointing to the television. They are workmates as they are wearing what seems to be work uniform with name tags on them. ” Good morning guys, how is the coffee today?” One of the female workers was asking Santi and Costa as he was clearing their table. ” It is great as usual. I will come for the secret ingredient so that I can surprise my wife with an awesome breakfast in bed during the weekend” Santi replied with a big smile as the two gentlemen left the coffee shop.
On the outside, male who seems to be a teenager is sitting alone. He is busy doing something in his tablet. He is wearing a pair of expensive sneakers and Gucci trousers. He seems to be doing something pretty important using the free wireless internet at the coffee shop as he sips the coffee without getting his eyes off the gadget.
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