Parents should be active in child life

An adolescent’s well-being also safety are imperative besides also contribute to a well, dynamic youth and maturity. Parents can play an important role in helping their children use or strengthen behaviors, skills, attitudes, andmotivationthat promote their physical and mentalhealthand overall well-being inchildhood, adolescence and well into their adulthood. As you grow up, you are taught many life lessons from your experienced parents. Your parents’ duty is to nurture you, so that you can grow up to become a person who is strong and able to support oneself.

Parents must grasp that when it comes from raising an adolescent, together must put in an equal amount of effort so that the child acquires new things. Avertsfamilyfailures or fights and stops the child from drifting off the ‘right’ track as they say. It is a typical state where the dad is the one who is assumed or not currently a part of raising their kids or kid. The first reason why both parents, a pop and ma, ought to have equal chances to nurture their children is that the father, by his masculinity nature, will be better to give his child the sense of braveness and teach them.

To defend themselves against anyone who could hurt them in theirenvironment. By the father involving himself in this way in his child’s life would certainly increase the their method of analyzing any trouble they could possibly find themselves being involved in in the future and enhance and revive their self-confidence and sense ofresponsibility. Even though I agree that a mother should give her son/daughter a sense of tenderness to keep their children lean when they deal with people, however, a father’s role in upbringing is a vital element and role in building the child’spersonality.

The second reason why the father is an essential part of raising the child is that the father, and generally the man, is known for his wisdom. In fact, this feature of the father gives him the superior qualities over the mother when dealing in any problem that could arise within the house either with his wife or with his children. Mothers are known for their emotional way of decision-making process. Therefore, children should learn from their fathers to be more logical and rational and to clarify their minds from anything

that could affect their decision. You learn to cook when you’re helping mother bake in the kitchen, you learn to fish when you’re out with dad, but if only your mother teaches you how to cook and father is ‘too busy’ to take you out to go fishing, then you’ve lost a new experience you could have discovered. There are so many different things your parents can teach you. But if only one parent puts in that effort and the other doesn’t, then your knowledge and mind will not be able to become more open and aware of all the wonderful possibilities out there.

Therefore, both parents should assume equal responsibility when raising a child. Sadly, today most children don’t grow up with both parents aren’t their side. Kids who Grow up without both parents have been proven to have future commitment issues are more likely to resort to drugs and alcohol and are less likely to be successful in life. As they say ‘ it takes two so a mother figure and a father figure is essential nearly to make it work. This is important for not only the life of the child but also for the wellness of the world.

This is happening everywhere and maybe, just maybe this world would be a better place. If parents would step up and share equal responsibility in raising the child they made together. Children raised within an intact family are more likely to be mentally and physically better off in life. You need both eyes to see this clear path. Without one, it is blurred and you may get sidetracked from the path and may not be able to find your way once again. The same thing goes for parents raising children.

If one nurtures the child by himself/herself, then the child may feel far away from the other parent and because their brains are still developing, may resort to dangerous actions to make up for that loss like damaging their health by turning to alcohol and drugs. It is vital for parents to have an equal hand in caring for their child in order to help reduce this risk. In conclusion, women should share with the man, the responsibility to participate in raising up their child and be complementary to each other, in order for the child to become a balanced and withhold a strong personality.