Paranormal activity 3 reaction paper

Paranormal activity 3 reaction paper Paranormal activity 3 reveals the tale about Kristi and Dan who are making preparations for a nursery in light of the birth of their son. Evidently, Katie comes over with a box of videos that were produced during their childhood years when they stayed with the mother Julie and Dennis, her boyfriend. To this end, the movie is a flashback during their childhood in 1988. It reveals, the demonic entity of Tobby and the intriguing episodes of haunting subjected to the family.
1. According the definition given by the film series, what is the difference between a demon and a ghost? What exactly does the demon want with Katie, and why is his name Toby? According to Katie in Paranormal Activity 3, what does Toby want, and where does he live?
A demon refers to an evil and supernatural being such as spirit or a ghost. On the other hand, a ghost is used in reference to the spirit of someone who has died which evidently manifests itself in form of a shadowy apparition or it may cause the movement of objects, cause sounds or elicit a frightening and eerie atmosphere in a place. The demon, Tobby wanted to have sexual relations with Katie so that she would produce a male child heir that he was promised. To this end, Tobby wanted Kristi to attend a binding ritual at Katie’s grandmother house. Tobby is not the real name of the demonic entitiy. Kristi is credited with coming up with the name Tobby for the demon but its real name was never revealed. Evidently, Tobby lived within the confines of a crawlspace located in Katies and Kristi’s room.
2. Why set the film series in the San Diego area in Southern California? What kinds of people live in San Diego? What are their politics?
The film was set up in the San Diego area due to the sufficient open space it has to accommodate the filming of movies under small or big budgets. Furthermore the set up offers a unique country feeling for the setting up of horror movies. Furthermore, the directors needed a set up which would conform to the 1988 atmosphere that would act as prequel to Paranormal activity 1 and 2. The people of San Diego are mostly are mostly conservative as reflected by their Republican ideals.
3. What is a Ouija Board, and how does it function in the film series? What did Ali and her boyfriend lean from using it as a tool of communication with Toby?
An Ouija board is a board game that is normally used as a supernatural gateway to communicate with the ghosts or spirits of the dead. In using the Ouija board for communication with Tobby, Ali and her boyfriend learnt that humans were capable of making deals with demons. Evidently, the demons would give power and wealth and in return they wanted the soul of the first born son. Furthermore, the demon, in this case Tobby, would haunt the family until it gets what it was promised.
4. Why does Toby want the first-born male, as opposed to the first-born female? What exactly does Toby do with Katy and Hunter?
Tobby wants the first born male because based on the deal that it possibly made with Lois or Lois mother, in exchange for wealth and power, the demon would receive the soul of the first born male. Tobby evidently haunts Katy through physical assault before eventually possessing her and causing her to murder Micah, Katy’s husband. The demon possessed Katy later proceeds to Dan and Kristi’s house and murders them. She finally takes Hunter and flees with him.
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