Outline: police and american civil rights

Ethnicity and the Police Part I: Outline Ethnicity and the Police Part I: Outline (1) Introduction (a) Police corruption (b) Citizen complaints relative to ethnicity (2) Body (a) Police corruption i. Prevalence of police corruption ii. High levels of police corruption iii. Several Cases of police Misconduct (b) Violation of Amendments i. Abuse of power (c) Citizen complaints against the police i. African Americancivil rightsgroups (d) Controlling Police Officer Behavior in the Field i. Using what we know to regulate police ii. Initiated stops and prevent racially biased policing 3) Conclusion (a) Police corruption and citizen complaints relative to ethnicity Over the years, the police have been involved in unethical events that have made the community no longer trust them. These events will never be erased in the eyes of society. The worst part is that now the racial acts, abuse of authority and violation ofhuman rightsare over the hot spot. With all these unethical acts, the police department is leaving the worst impression in many minority communities, because of the corruption and brutality that comes from the police patrolling the areas.

The police should leave a positive impression with the communities that they serve, this way the police will be able to ask the community for help when needed. Peacemaking is the basic duty of the police force; if police is caught doing things that is not ethical in the community eyes the situation in the community will not change. The public perception of the police is the criminal justice system should work on the factors that cause the public to lower their trust in the way police treats their communities.

Making better police in the community can result if there is better cooperation from the criminal justice system. The way police handles combating crime and brutality most attempts to redeem police image would involveeducationfor both public and the police on the effectiveness crime control measures. References Staples, R. (2011). WHITE POWER, BLACK CRIME, AND RACIAL POLITICS. Black Scholar, 41(4), 31. Taslitz, A. E. (2003). RESPECTAND THE FOURTH AMENDMENT. Journal Of Criminal Law & Criminology, 94(1), 15.