Oral sex as just part of sex

Since people do not feel like they cheated on their partners when they engage in oral sex with other people, oral sex is not actually sex. This opinion was shared by none other than former U. S. President Bill Clinton when he was almost impeached for allegedly perjuring himself for stating that he did not have sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. Since the charges against him did not stick, we can reluctantly conclude that politicians support the notion that oral sex is not considered as sex.
Many health practitioners claim that oral sex is sex because even if it may not lead to pregnancy, it still carries the risks of transmitting sexually-transmissible diseases. And despite this warning to many teenagers (who attest to their ‘ technical’ virginity), the latter still actively engage in oral sex. Other practitioners argue that oral sex is not sex because there is no penile penetration which is necessary to complete the sexual act. They further claim that oral sex is just part of sex, but not actually sex. However, on a more realistic plane, oral sex is real sex. Those insisting otherwise are bordering on technical definitions of sex in order to suit their morals and their guilty conscience. Oral sex can transport the participants to planes of pleasure-same as actual intercourse. In a less technical and juvenile context, it is a sexual act that precludes intercourse, but it is undeniably still a sexual act.