Optimistic nature

The paper ” Optimistic Nature” is a good example of an essay on English. Life comprises of various experiences that help in determining the fate and destiny of various individuals. Therefore, various personalities influence the lives of others either in a positive or negative way (Keller, 12). In life, the person who has had a positive influence is my mother. Since I come from a single parent, I have spent with her since my childhood. She has taught me to be optimistic and take life in a positive way. This is because she has always struggled to feed, cloth, provide medical care and other life necessities despite being just a single parent. By taking things positively, she has catered for my needs from childhood through high school. According to her, such achievement is by no means easy but requires strength, hope, and determination (Keller, 16). These factors are found in a person who is optimistic. Therefore, she advocates for the optimistic perspective of all occurrences in life because she asserts that optimism provides room for all kinds of life encounters and thus, one becomes prepared. Therefore, I took her advice and it has seen me undergo various challenges, which I have tackled in an effective and appropriate manner. Due to the optimistic nature, I experience minimal regrets over my actions and decisions, thereby reducing life stresses, and mistakes (Keller, 18). Moreover, I accept the life the way it presents, accept my weaknesses, and seeks ways of correcting such defects. Consequently, through her advice, it has enabled me to accept fellow human beings and an enhanced understanding of various characters and personalities thus, avoiding confrontations. Therefore, her advice has increased my acceptance of human beings as creatures prone to mistakes and who seeks avenues for correcting such mistakes for wellbeing and peaceful coexistence. This is because man has to understand himself as well as other beings so that life on earth becomes bearable and enjoyable.