Open communications network with plcs

Open Communications Network with PLC Open Communications Network with PLC Process and machine control automation involves the use ofvarious devices. These devices work in conjunction to achieve the ultimate goal of data transmission. In this case where multiple devices have been employed to control a processes or machinery, communication is essential, and this is made possible by use of Programmable logic Controllers, PLC’s and the CPU. For the communication to take place, the programming device must communicate with the PLC CPU. To enable this communication, there are various communication levels. These include industrial communication networks, serial communication, and the industrial Input/output (I/O) networks. These levels of communication are either open or closed. Open communication technologies using programmable logic controllers are in some instances considered to be less secure since they are prone to interference by unauthorized individuals. However, they are proffered by several companies due to their low costs (Beach, 2008).
There are several devices that enable data transmission using Programmable Logic Controllers. These encompass several gateways that are hosted in different operating system development environment. Open network communication getaways use the open Linux development environment together with certified hardware to ensure secure and efficient data transmission. Using these getaways, several interfaces are employed. These include universal serials Buses (USB’s), Serial ports, secure digits cards (SD cards) and Ethernet. Also, internal peripherals such as Global position System (GPS) receivers, and cellular modems maybe used.
Programmable Logic Controllers networks are equipped with several options that are designed to meet specific communication and control requirements. Some of the typical options provided include peer-to-peer communications, host computer communications among others. The vendors of this PLC devices produce unique devices with unique networking capabilities (Irwin, 1997).
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