Omm 615: week 3 dq 1

Advertising Strategy Advertising Strategy There are various types of advertising campaigns that can be used in order to advertise weight loss pills/drugs. One form of advertising strategy that can be used is affective advertising strategy that is used to influence the emotional side of the consumers (Ogden, 2014). In order to promote weight loss pills with the use of affective advertising strategy an organization can create an advert in which it can depict the social issues that obese people have to experience such as alienation from peer groups. This can help the organization in inflicting fear in the minds of the consumer and motivate him to purchase weight loss drugs. If the organization implements the strategy of brand imaging then the organization can associate the weight loss drugs with athletes to promote the claim that one can become one can be recognized and look similar to athletes by consuming the drug. While utilizing the strategy of unique selling proposition the organization can advertise the product as one and only weight loss drug that does not have side effects and provides results in less than 10 days’ time period. When utilizing the resonance strategy the marketers can provide the consumers with an example of an obese patient who used this drug to lose weight (Poonia, 2010). While promoting the product through product positioning strategy the marketers can advertise the drug as a product that is especially designed for those who want to be athletic and youthful to develop an image in the eyes of the audience. When using the generic strategy the advertisers can simply portray the benefits associated with the drug to sell the drug.
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