Obamas speech to auraria campus students at the university of colorado

Details: Due Obama’s Speech to Auraria Campus at the of Colorado
The mood was totally charged and expectant with 4000 tickets prepared in anticipation of what probably is the biggest event to take place at Auraria this year. My friends and I, hoping to avoid the expected jostling of the masses, camped out all night at the University lawns hoping to be among the first purchase the tickets. President Obama is known for his oratory skills and charisma. His proposal to address the issue of student loans was sure to garner him support in any campus he visited. We were so surprised that he settled on ours.
He did not disappoint. The president announced plans to reduce college tuition expenses confirming to students that their ability to afford tuition expenses is crucial to the nation’s economy. He expounded that he understood how student loans could get in the way a newly employed individual and reduce his capacity to make any long-lasting future plans. The novel proposal guarantees student borrowers paying of loans at 10% of their unrestricted income. This will also help learners combine their loans at lesser interest rates.
President Obama pointed out that both he and the first lady knew first hand how unbearable student debt was, having taken all of ten years after graduating to pay off their student debts (Obama, 218). He also emphasized the importance of government making it possible for every American to acquire a University education. This would in the end translate to greater economic growth. Nostalgic about his college days, he envied the youthful energy displayed by the young and confirmed that being in the presence of youth was inspirational and refreshing. The president’s innovative student loan arrangement is just one of the measures that he is taking to enhance the flagging economy.
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