Njask to parcc

I don’t like the PARCC because now they can put more things into the test that the NJASK couldn’t do because it was a written test. In the PARCC you could listen to a short video and answer question s on it. I think that isn’t good because it distracts the other students who take the PARCC also. You also have to write your written responses on the website were you tack the PARCC instead of writing it inGoogledocs, Microsoftword etc. They also have too many buttons on the to screen that I didn’t know what they were. It could of done something bad to may work. Last you can use the computer for lots of things and you possible cheet on the PARCC if you look up the answer to the problem if you wanted and get it correct. On the NJASK you only had what was in front of you to work with.

I like the NJASK a lot more because of many reasons. I like it because you couldn’t cheat on because you have all the work and materials you need to solve the answer. But you don’t have the answer unless it is multiple choice. On the NJASK you computer won’t shut down when the batteries die because it is test booklet. Their are 2 things I must Stress about the NJASK. You would have to go through a big process to be able to use computers on the NJASK and it must be in by a deadline So people with IEP’s may not be able to use computers.

The other thing was on the PARCC you are able to highlight but on the NJASK you are not allowed to highlight o it only underline with your no. 2 pencil.