News reflection paper

The article Violent protest in Egypt prompt worry about election discusses the violent protests that are occurring between the anti-military groupsand the security forces of Egypt. The protests are occurring within eight days of the election. So far there have been over 1, 000 people injured and twelve deaths. Egypt is currently in a state of political emergency. The lives of thousands of civilians are being put at risk due to the turmoil that is occurring in Egypt. The military has vowed that the elections will not be postponed. The rage is building up and on November 28, 2011 Egypt will not be a safe place for voters if the disobedience continues. The armed forces and police of a country are supposed to be respected since these civil servants put at risk their lives to protect the civilian population. So far over 80 military and police workers have been injured by violent protesters that have taken over the streets of Egypt. Riots have broken out and property has been damaged in the line of fire. Shadi Hamid said, “ There is chaos and instability in the streets of Egypt, and that’s why we need to stay in power” (Fadel). The article was very well written. It provided a nice narrative of the situation and it gave the reader a good perspective of both sides. There was a photo gallery that issued vivid images of the tragedy that is occurring in the streets of Egypt. The revolt has gone out of control and the protests are no longer effective since the general public is beginning to look at the manifestation in a negative manner. A lot of people that want to vote on November 28 fears for their safety. There are multiple concepts discussed in the article that were discussed in the course material. The first concept associated with the article is stress. Stress is a type of emotional response. Currently the entire of population of Egypt are under stress due to the violence its people are suffering because of the conflict. A second concept associated with the course that applies to what occurred in the article is traumatic stressors. The violent protests represent the traumatic stressor that is negatively impacting the people of Egypt. Another concept that applies to the article is grief. The people are feeling the grief of the suffering of the 1, 080 physical victims and counting of the ordeal. The traumatic event has hurt the happiness and well being of Egyptians. The population of Egypt is over 82 million. The country is under political stability due to the actions of a minority group of protesters who are terrorizing the streets of Egypt. The majority of Egyptians are pacifists. The article is very important because it depicts a problem that mandates the immediate attention of the world leaders and the primary organizations of world order including the United Nations. The UN must step in and send help from its allies to bring extra security to the region to ensure democracy moves forward. The current situation could be categorized by some analysts as a civil war. The people are revolting against those in power. Despite the good narrative of the article and the well written paragraphs I thought the article lacked substance and research. The author did not explain to the reader the magnitude of the problem. Risk management should have been perform to determine the impact of the revolt and the actual threat to national safety in terms of the possibility of terrorist attacks against strategic targets such as governmental buildings. The lives of thousands of innocent civilians are at stake. Intervention from the United Nations is required to assess the situation and protect the lives of civilians. The elections should not be postponed because doing so would be a moral victory for the cowards that are rioting and performing violent acts against their own people. The movement would have been fine if the protestors would comply with civil disobedience standards. Once violence became a part of the equation the anti-military movement became a militia themselves. The UN is not the only organization that should get involved. Religious leaders from Egypt and the Middle East should step forward and condemned the acts of the protestors in terms of their violent behavior. Over 90% of Egyptians are Muslims. These types of conflicts are not good for the culture of any nation. When people resort to violence they are violating the human rights of others. Violence is not the way to bring social change to a nation. Work Cited Page Fadel, L. 20 November 2011. “ Violent protests in Egypt prompt worry about the elections. The Washington Posts. 26 November 2011.