New deal improve the lives of ordinary americans assignment

How successful was the new Deal In Improving the lives of ordinary Americas during the period 1933 – 41? So… The New Deal did improve the lives of ordinary Americans in many ways – Job creation, emergency relief, social security, labor rights… But it neglected some sections of society – blacks, women. And only World War II returned real prosperity and full employment to the USA. The New Deals aim was to get people back to work and to help industry and agriculture back to where they were before the depression.

At the beginning the New Deal actually helped pretty much to get people back to work the number of unemployed fell from 14 million to 8 million and the business recovered. But then when the second phase of the New Deal came on the number of unemployed started to Increase again and the second wave of depression hit the United States. However, the New Deal was also successful in many ways. The national banking system got back on where they were and the business failures were reduced a little. In 1941 the number of unemployed decreased again because of the business stabilization.

But the number of 6 million unemployed was still high. There were many organizations made during the New Deal, people were trying to mind new ways how to recover from the New Deal. As always there were effective and successful organizations and not so effective organizations. The most effective organizations were called ICC, TVA and PAW. Those three were helping in employment, public works and generally about the people’s lives but there were also not effective organizations for ex. NEAR. This organization was aiming to eliminate the cut – throat competition.

The reason why it might be unsuccessful was, that it wasn’t so good for the people there were not really advantages. Women were always less compared to the men and it wasn’t different in the New Deal. Women joined the ICC but just 8000 and yes the number of unemployed women increased but that was because women were cheaper to pay than man. The Native Americans were pretty supported by the state because, they got the freedom they wanted and they were able to live their own life including their religion and habits.

The blacks were suffering a legalized segregation. The goal of being equal wasn’t reached and blacks still had problems with finding jobs. Unemployment was a big issue during the New Deal and the demonstrations from the unemployed workers were getting worse and worse. The demonstrations were lull of violence from the police and many people were hurt or killed. The government help was needed so the NEAR and The Wagner act gave unions more protection and recognize the rights so more demonstrations and violent industrial conflicts went on.

The working companies got a suggestion of basic hours and wages but not all of them agreed. In May 1937 the Republic Steel Company refused to negotiate a contract so the workers went on strikes. They protested outside the factory and were met by the police a hundred people were attacked and ten of them died. The World War II was the main reason why America recovered. In September 1939 food, weapons and raw materials were needed in Britain to help them survive while the German occupation. The trade helped America to earn a lot of money and American economy improved rapidly.

Those trades with Europe also got people back to work because more working people were necessary because of more contracts. In 1941 America Joined the war and the army needed tanks, ships, aircraft etc. To fight other countries. Men also Joined the army so unemployment wasn’t the issue anymore. There were many aspects pro and against the New Deal. In helped in some ways and it some ways it didn’t. The main reason why America recovered was the World War II as I have already mentioned but the New Deal sure helped America to get up again a little.

Many ideas and organizations came up to solve America’s problems. The unemployment issue wasn’t solved by the New Deal. The number of unemployed decreased a little but with almost every idea the situation got worse and people were still unhappy, for ex. The Wagner act. The number of business failures was reduced by the New Deal. To summarize it the New Deal helped a little but America would probably recover even without it Just because the World War II.