New communication and information technology

Order a Missed Call and is written by Matt Richter as an article at The New York Times website in 2008. This text concentrates on the invention of Sylvia, a small application for mobile phones that lets you skip directly to someone’s vocalism upon calling them and thereby avoiding any awkward confrontation that a conversation might have let to. Both advantages, such as being able to get a clear-cut message through to the listener and drawbacks, with the example of misuse In connection with work meetings or dating, are explained.

However the text seems to conclude what Many Manna’s, an early tester of the application, have found about this advancement. It has helped him avoid confrontations and prolonged conversations In some Instances but might encouraged a more coward character trait. The second text Sex, Lies, and the Internet by Andrew Keen, has similar views of technological advancements in communication technology as the first. Here it described how were have become able to misuse it to broadcast harmful lies, because no argumentation is needed on the internet.

What is Stuart Jiffies’ attitude to mobile phones and e-mail in text 3, and how does he express it? Illustrate your answer with examples from the text Stuart Jiffies, the writer of Technophobia – the sign of a born leader? , describes how different great leaders aren’t all that familiar with modern communication technology such as mobile phones and email. Stuart takes his starting point in a statement from Involved with the Internet company Yahoo, who states that email Is merely a distraction.

He goes on making an example out of the Republican presidential antedate McCain, who have people to take care of his online business just like the Queen has people carrying money for her. Stuart then states that some might see this as a weakness but the counters this with the manipulative question: ” But is Moccasin’s admission really damaging? ” This makes the reader immediately want to reject the public opinion he just described. He goes on about describing how dealing with massive amounts of emails, spam and text messages is not a Job suited for people with power and they are better of leaving it up to someone of lower status.

Finally Stuart comes with his actual declaration concerning the perhaps soon to be president Obama: ” perhaps Obama should check his BlackBerry at the Oval Office door. ” Thereby stating that the president outer avoid the distraction that mobile and email can be according to his previously mentioned examples of great leaders without this technological attachment. On the basis of the review of Mark Bareness’s Internet ” Going online habituates youth to Juvenile mental habits”, that is the situation that advancements in communication technology has led to, for youth in days society.

We’ve all been there; trying to avoid a destined task by escaping from reality into cyberspace. I agree with the review of the book: The dumbest generation, that young people is misusing the endless opportunities that the internet has given us. However as of today I believe the temptation of social life and the fear of missing out is simply too great for teenagers to overcome by themselves. Among students, social mediums such as Backbone, free entertainment sites like as Youth and especially Meme-sites like gag are fuel to the fire that is procrastination.