Need to learn html

Your full full May 13, Need to Learn HTML Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is a language usedto develop web pages. Although there exists a number of HTML authoring tools that help web developers in designing web pages, but the need to lean HTML still exists for the developers. A person having knowledge of HTML uses authoring tools more effectively as compared to the person having no knowledge of HTML. The reason is that knowledge brings perfection in creative ability of a person. Although HTML authoring tools help in designing beautiful web pages, but a less knowledgeable person cannot use them to remove unexpected bugs in the web pages. Knowledge of HTML helps a person create interactive web pages, as well as helps him/her in the processes of troubleshooting or formatting of web pages.
Some of the main reasons behind increased need for developers to learn HTML include increased command over designing, greater control over web site, enhanced ability to make changes to web pages, and ease of website maintenance. An example of a situation in which a person is expected to learn HTML when there are tools available to do the work for him/her is where some areas of a website need to be modified in accordance with the needs and demands of the client. In such situations, knowledge of HTTML is necessary because HTML authoring tools just facilitate web designers in creating web pages; they do not facilitate them in modifying some aspect of the web pages. Therefore, we can say that knowledge of HTML is very important for a person to create a demand-based website.

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