Narration report

Is design to help field study students observe how the different principles of teaching and learning are applied to make the teaching and learning process interactive, meaningful, exciting and enjoyable. In episode 1, it shows us how important are the principles of learning in the teaching-learning process. Through observation, I was able to identify applications of the principles of learning. In the class that I have observed, all of these principles were adhered by the teacher.

In episode 2, It tells us how Important are the gulden principles In determining and urinating learning objectives.

During my observations, the teacher was able to observe these principles. Thus, the lesson objective is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable , Result-oriented, Time-oriented). In episode 3, it enables us to observe the teaching of a dominantly cognitive or skill or affective lesson and to trace the development of a cognitive, skill, and affective lesson. In the class that have observed, the lesson was all about Identifying count and mass nouns.

The value lesson was about cooperation and the skill lesson was about thinking skill.

Both sessions were developed through activities given by the teacher to her students. In episode 4, it provides us an opportunity to write evidence of some guiding application in the selection and use of teaching strategies. In the class that I have observed, the teacher was able to apply these principles. She was able to determine the different learning styles and multiple intelligences of her students. In episode 5, it gives us an opportunity to determine the teaching approach or method used by the resource teacher.

During my observations, the teacher used different teaching approaches in delivering the lesson to her students such as inductive method, constructivist method, anticompetitive method and integrative method.

In episode 6, it enables us to tact how the resource teacher develops his/her lesson plan. In the class that I have observe, the teacher began her lesson with a game and ends with giving an enrichment activity to her students. In episode 7, the goal Is for us to be able to determine the resource teacher’s questioning and reacting techniques and identify those that promote Interaction.

During my observations, the teacher monstrance varied questioning behaviors but the most used are the “ Calling on non-volunteers and involving as many as possible”. Reflection Learning they say is hard so as teaching.

To learn, one must get to know the different things, from simple ideas to more complex. Also, In teaching, many things are to be learned not only by the students but also to the part of the teacher. In order a teacher to learn, he/she must be effective and well verse to the different methods or strategies he/she will use to make his/her teaching more innovative.

Effective caching is said to be achieved if a student has learned something from what the teacher taught. In these field studies, I had found out that real teaching can be seen where you are In a location where the teaching and learning takes place.

I believe a teacher can be developed If he sees the reality of teaching. And that’s what Vie organizations as well as the procedures and the student’s individual characteristics were Just common to every classroom. I had a lot of experiences and learning about the pupils’ behavior.

The physical arrangement was somewhat cozy, the daily reoccurred and routines were done as scheduled. I as an observer keep a running record of everything that happens during the instructional period to get an overview of the lesson. The lesson was organized in a manner that the objectives were presented to be perceived by the students.

The materials, methods, and procedures of the lesson plan were successfully executed. When there’s a problem that may arise in the classroom, the teacher can easily resolve conflicts, as the teacher uses kind words and dealing it with a low tone voice.

For the past few months of observation, I eave come up with a better understanding of the world we are trying to fit in. Finally, this field study that is considered to be an enriching experience in developing and utilizing the appropriate strategies to facilitate learning was a wonderful experience not Just to be kept as a memory to be remembered but it should be kept in the heart for further application in the future and the knowledge that I have gained all throughout the study will be my stepping stone to a more complex challenges that I will be facing in the next months and years to come.