Narrating an invent that portrays my complex attitude essay

I have learnt that one has to work to achieve objectives, life has ups and downs and one has to set goals to achieve in life in order to progress in life, many students do not take seriously the advise given to them by the elderly in the society, however this paper analyze my complex attitude towards life and how some course of actions in life can lead to certain ends either bad or good.

Some bad situations in life include failure, serving a jail term, physical injury, emotional distress, poverty, being jobless and the lack of prestige and status, all these endings may occur as a result of actions undertaken by an individual, an individual is born into the society and depending on the nature in which one is socialized it determines how one lives his or her adult life. In this paper I will analyze the jail term ending of a person’s life, a person is sent to jail after breaking the laws of the society, in my life I have been properly brought up in a religious family where I hate being on the wrong side of the law, laws are set by the members of the society to govern behavior or control behavior, laws are also set in way that they give directions to punishment to deviant behavior. I went out shopping with my friends one day to buy some items, I never like to shoplift, however my friends decided to undertake the act by picking some chocolates packets and hiding them in their jackets, little did they know that the guard was watching them, they persuaded me to pick some for myself but I declined, when I reached the cashier to pay for my items two guards approached us and my two friends were asked to follow the guards for questioning, they resisted the request and they were frog marched to a room behind the main shopping area, they were held there until their parents were called to come settle the damages they had caused.            From the above life experience I came to realize we as individuals determine our destiny, therefore I have my principles not to go against the laws of the society but I would break the laws for a good course, example if I was in a situation where someone is dying and without a drivers license I would rush the person to hospital because I have already taken only a few first driving classes.            People are different in the way they think and the way they react to certain issues, that’s why I prefer to understand people I meet before joining in to cheer them or assist them, throughout my school life I have met people who never take studies seriously, but of these kinds of people there are those who fail and those who pass, those who pass spend some of their time secretly to catch up with what others have learnt, while those who fail never undertake any private studies.            During my early school life I had a couple of friends who through peer influence made me not to concentrate fully during my class hours, however I came to realize that I was on the losing side, I therefore started to undertake my private studies when all my friends were asleep, during the first few days I slept in class and my friends would laugh at me but they didn’t realize that I spent the previous night studying.

Many of my friends however were never graduated and from then I have realized that we as individuals determine our destiny, we determine what we will be tomorrow and these depends on how much effort and positive attitude we put into our set goals and objectives.