Naeyc article assignment

NAEYC Article Assignment NAEYC Article Assignment In NAEYC recommendation for working with children, the portions that are likely to be effectively incorporated into my early childhood program now include: recognizing that children strongly connect their home language and culture, cognitively, emotionally as well as linguistically; the acknowledgement that there are numerous ways in which children can express their knowledge and competencies; and that learning second language can be troublesome. Also, in working with families, including parents and families in the program and setting.
Currently the country is deficient of early childhood educators who are proficient in all home languages of children. The United States is a diverse country and an early education centre is likely to have many children with different linguistic backgrounds. The inability of early child educators to speak all the home languages of children makes it difficult to preserve those languages. The lack of programs focusing on instilling early educators with relevant languages makes it impossible for the teachers to respond appropriately to the call of preserving home languages of children. The design of early education program still makes it a huge challenge for early educators to meet the needs of children and families in terms of linguistic and cultural diversity. Early childhood programs are basically designed with the main language as English, which does not reflect the diverse nature of the American population.
The implementation of the NAEYC recommendations requires complete dedication of the early childhood educator. As such I will actively engage with parents and strive to gain knowledge about all the children in order to ensure that each child is served better. I will ensure coherent working relationship with parents in order to ensure that I provide quality care and education for every child under my care.