My journey to literacy essay

My path to literacy started, unlike most others. Reading stories is my hobby and habit from my early childhood. In my childhood when I was unable to read, I always liked to hear stories from my parents and grandfather. When I started my school, I always liked to buy story books. My home environment is also a literacy rich. This adds more interest to literacy in my personality. There is a small library in my house as reading books were a hobby of my grandfather too. When I was a child, I had no permission to enter this library. I always liked to enter this room and wanted to see what books are there. There was always some king of mystery about these books in my head. I was much curious about these books.
When I got admission in second grade, my grandfather gave me permission to enter in the library, but with some instructions. That day, there was no end of my joy I was too much happy. I thought; finally the day has come when the mystery around these books will be resolved. There were all kinds of books in this library. The books were placed in racks with order and label. A suspense novel attracted me first. I took a book “ The ghosts of Pere La chaise Cemetry”, it is a very amazing novel, and I enjoyed it a lot. The second novel that I choose to read was, “ The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, it is novel about a journey and to achieve a goal. I read this novel three times. Even though, I read it many times, but I was never bored of it. This novel pulled me towards literacy.
I was much impressed from this novel. I remained many days in the influence of Paulo Coelho. I think this novel changed my life and my way of thinking. I started to search on science and realities of science. By reading this novel, I realized the power of knowledge and power of reading.
This novel is primarily based on finding the destiny. I was motivated by this novel, after reading this novel I started to feel the realities of life. This novel made me crazy about literature and reading.
“ The Alchemist” was the first novel that inspired me. I started to search for the reality of the novel. I was suspicious about gold, was that gold real or fake? I started reading about science, about the nature, about herbs and my knowledge increased gradually with the time. As I have grown older, I realize the true meaning of Alchemist and what is the lesson in this novel. Secondly, the curiosity to go in the library developed more attraction towards literacy.
Reading literature, stories, novels, and dramas made me closer to the realities of life, it made me humble. My way of thinking was changed I made the decision that my future will be all about literacy. As I read more and more, I became closer and closer to literacy.
I read many books about religions, science, life, love, histories and after reading every book I feel reading became not only hobby but part of my soul. My thinking power increased, and my way of thinking changed. My knowledge increased. I started buying books after I had read all books that were present in the library. My thinking power, my imagination power and my ability to understand things increased due to reading.
I started imaging things, I took things in my own ways, soon I realized that I have the ability to write too, I can mold the situation. I can make the ending of problematic situations. I can predict the expected results and all these powers were built in my personality due to reading. When I came to all these things, I started writing. I started from short stories, columns and newsletters. I am writing with my studies now I am doing my graduation and can see my future in literacy. I still remember that time, when I was curious to go in the library of my grandfather. I cannot forget the joy that I felt on permission to use the library of my grandfather and how can I forget Alchemist that I read three times and reading more about the chemistry of that gold, at that moment my life changed as I became more involved in writing. Now I am part of literacy. Best way to spend free time is reading or writing. No one can deny the significance of literacy. Words become the power of man if one knows how to use them. Reading puts energy in me. I feel energetic while reading. I cannot sleep without reading. The best advantage of reading in my point of view is my wide knowledge. I have more knowledge as compared to my fellows; this makes me prominent in my class. My teachers always appreciate my knowledge and admire my ideas and thought. All these powers are blessings of literacy, sometimes I think that I burn for literacy.