My interest in biology and chemistry assignment

One Field Two Different Jobs Walter Mahatma once said “ My doctor gave me six months to live, but when I couldn’t pay the bill he gave me six months more. ” Doctors are only given certain amount of time to save a patient’s life. Without biology and chemistry an operation cannot be performed in a doctor’s life. The most interesting subjects in my life are biology and chemistry. These depth subjects have changed my life. Biology and chemistry changed my life and how I approach the world before. Now, I knew how the human body works.

It heals when we get paper cuts and when we have little minor accidents hat we don’t even observe. I want to become a pharmacist or pediatrician because I always wanted to help people with their medical needs. So my interest started growing as I got through middle school. Biology and Chemistry interested me mostly during high school but I was more interested in biology because chemistry was based on doing calculations involving calculus. I was more interested in learning about how we are made and how we function.

As time went by, I started researching more about the specific majors in biology and chemistry. I wanted to be a pharmacist r a pediatrician and open up my own hospital to treat poor patients at no cost. Why did I choose to be a pharmacist or pediatrician? Not only do I enjoy biology and chemistry but also I love to help people in need since I was a little kid. When I was in 5th grade, my mom used to give me money to get candy. One day I went to get candy but outside the store there was a beggar sitting in the corner who looked very hungry so I gave him my money.

When I went back home, I told my parents what I did. They went back to him and helped him to find a workplace where he could work. To be a harmonist, I have to take a total of six major classes, but for biology I have to take approximately 10 different biology courses that I don’t have to take to become a pharmacist. Organic chemistry one and two is required for a pharmacy major but not for a premed major. Students do take it because questions about organic chemistry are asked on the Medical College Admission Test (MICA).

MICA is a standardized, multiple-choice assessment planned to evaluate the test taker’s critical thinking, writing skills, problem solving, and most importantly science concepts and principles acquirement to the study of medicine. MICA tests on four major topics Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Writing section. The final score scale is 3 to 45. “ The national average score for everyone who takes the MICA is 8 in each subject in 2010. ” Dude Colonel). So total of four subject will make it 32 as an average MICA score which is minimum requirement for the entrance of medical college.

To become any kind of doctor or specialist, one must take the MICA or apply to colleges with 6 to 7 year medical accelerated programs. To become a pediatrician I have to take the MICA but o become a pharmacist I have to take PACT. Pharmacy College Admission Test (PACT) is a standardized test that is divided into seven sections which takes almost four and half hours to complete. The seven sections are Biology, Chemistry, Verbal, Quantitative Ability, Writing Sections and Reading Comprehension. Each section scale is 200 to 600.

I currently work at a pharmacy as a pharmacy technician where I experience how my future will look like if I become a pharmacist. I work with a pharmacist who NAS to mostly deal Witt the patient’s questions and handing the right decline. Everyone who works in the pharmacy is responsible to hand out the right medicine and the right amount of medicine in a container. The pharmacist is the main person who has to check every single order before handing any medicine to patients. A pharmacist also has to fill up the stock every day if any medicine is needed.

Pharmacists also deal with a patient’s insurance, if any patient’s insurance doesn’t cover the expense for the medicine. Pharmacists also have to call in the doctor if the script given out by the doctor has an error. Basically, the pharmacist is he main person who deals with every little problem even big one. Mentally a pharmacist gets really tired which can be frustrating, but the salary they get is a lot more than average person in United States gets. Salary if not an important factor, but it will pay off my loans after I graduate from college. A pharmacist’s average salary in PA is $113, 355.

The average pediatrician’s salary in PA is $155, 370. Pharmacist and Pediatrician take 8 years of studying. Bachelor’s degree takes 4 years then another four years in pharmacy school to become a pharmacist. For a Trinitarian it takes four years of medical school. In both careers they end up taking the same major courses, except some particular biology or chemistry courses. When getting into medical or pharmacy school, the first two year all the students have to take laboratories and classrooms courses such as psychology, biochemistry, microbiology, anatomy, pathology, pharmacology, physiology and laws governing medicine.

The two careers intersect mostly in the study of human behavior. For pharmacy students it is helpful to know how the medication will cure particular tenants and what that medication does to the human body. A pharmacist has to know how those medications will the patient affect and how long it will take for the recovery of the patient. They should also know about the side effects the medication can cause. On the other side, the pediatrician is assigning the medication so he knows what exactly is wrong with the patient by searching and asking about what symptoms the patients have.

A pediatrician also knows about how the medication will affect the patient and help them alleviate their pain. Pharmacists are also doctors but hey don’t have the doctoral degree. They Just have the doctor initial in front. After all, I was interested in biology more so with no doubt I want to become a pediatrician. My dream can come to reality if I became a pediatrician because the salary will help me pay for my loans that I am taking right now and help me build a hospital so I can treat the poor patients who can’t afford to go to a doctor. I want to be a pediatrician because I love playing with and helping little kids.

After all, they are our future. Benjamin Spook one of the famous pediatricians who took a lot of time researching ideas about childcare influenced several generations of parents to be more flexible and affectionate with their children and to treat them as individuals. Most of the pediatricians I have been to have told me that if you love dealing with little kids, you should become a pediatrician. Pharmacy is an excellent career with a decent paying salary, but I dislike taking all the extra chemistry and calculus classes. Becoming a pediatrician is what I wanted to do since I was in 4th grade. Being a pediatrician is my first and last choice.