My heart will go on

Analysis of Song: My Heart Will Go On
The song entitled My Heart Will Go On is an example of a contemporary ballad love song. It became popular upon the release of the movie Titanic in 1997. The lyrics of the song was written by Will Jennings while the music was composed by James Horner (Berardinelli). The song actually tells a tragic story of love. One of the lovers had departed from the world of the living. Stated otherwise, a partner was dead. Nevertheless, the memory of their love lingered in the mind of the living partner. This was illustrated in the movie Titanic as Jack at the end died or had chosen to die so that Rose may live.
Just like the other ballad love songs, the musical piece is written with very meaningful verses which rhymed. The lyrics and the music of the song are perfectly blended that anyone hearing it can be emotionally affected. The musical composition is set in a tone which could express well the intensity of the words used. When the line is telling the listener that the lover is dreaming, the song is also set in a slow, dreaming mode which effectively catches one’s attention. Moreover, when it talks about distance, the musical score is also adjusted to put emphasis on the words “ near” and “ far.” One critic described the song as “ very moving, with haunting melody and tender lyrics” (Horner). The melody of the song indeed has a haunting effect, one could not resist but to finish listening the song. It seems like a force is driving one to hear the music well and internalize its message. It has a deep emotional connection coupled with very powerful musical composition. Powerful in the sense that the tone jibes perfectly with the emotions attached to the lyrics. Furthermore, the essence of the song is “ beautifully captured with word painting and lush harmonies” (Horner).
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