My favorite meal essay sample

-In Our Home
-Rizal High School
Sometimes Kaldereta is not good in our body if we eat always.

-My Family
-My High School Classmates
-My Friends
Thesis Statement:
Why Kaldereta is my Favorite meal.

In most of the time, we crave for food that satisfy our hungry stomach but give us delight and satisfaction after eating, and usually those foods were our favorite and usually cooked by our loved ones. When I was in elementary, I am so curious about the taste of Kaldereta. As a child it is normal to be curious, so I taste it, when I taste it the first word came out to my mouth is “ YUMMY”.

The 2nd event is when I was in High school. Every Thursday in our canteen the menu is Chicken Kaldereta, so I always buy it. My classmates are making fun at me. They said “ That I am not getting tired of eating Kaldereta”. And I answer back “ why should I? It’s my favorite”. The 3rd event is when my father tries to cook kaldereta. I am so excited because if my father can make it I can eat whenever I want. The first try is not good because it is too spicy. Then I told him to lessen the amount of chili. After a week my father tries again to cook and the taste of it was so delicious and good.

I can’t describe the feeling when I’m eating kaldereta especially when I’m really hungry. I feel that I in heaven and the sauce touch my tongue and the meat of the chicken that slowly melts in my mouth. I can easily finish a dozen serving of rice. Oh how I love kaldereta and now I can’t wait to eat again.