Murray goulburn dairy products

Devondale has been very particular about the consumers’ demand and satisfying it. It also keeps track of the trends in the market and consumers’ lifestyles through efficient market research. These researches help Devondale in transforming consumers’ requests into finished products that are profitable for the business.
A significant proportion of Australia’s population is working and it is not easy for working people to arrange full meals in a limited period of time. People are also much more aware and conscious of health and nutritious food. Devondale used these findings to its advantage and came up with a range of low-fat products that were very appealing to Australian consumers. (Devondale, not dated)
Devondale’s promotion slogan says ” Wholly Australian”. These slogans have a certain psychological effect on the consumers as a lot of times people buy products on the basis of the country of origin. These four TV advertisements and a magazine advertisement are going to help us understand the kind of impression that Devondale has been able to create as a brand and how it has become a market leader.
Devondale’s long life cream ad shows the different kinds of creams and emphasizes on the fact that these creams can be stored in the pantry for a long period of time, and hence the name ” long life” cream. Devondale’s Trim and Tasty 25% reduced-fat Cheddar cheese ad emphasizes on the ‘taste’. While stating the fact that low fat is good for everyone it goes on to say that Devondale’s Trim and Tasty is ‘tasty enough to knock your socks off!’. (YouTube, not dated)
Devondale moo zoo ad is attractive for the children showing animal shaped cheese. It also goes on to say ‘.. real cheese, and nothing artificial..’, therefore emphasizing on the fact that its pure cheese. Devondale farmer promos and magazine advertisements are very effective. These advertisements convey a strong message. It shows the sense of belonging that farmers have with the Devondale company. The slogan ‘From our families to yours’ creates a very positive impression of the processing of the products and has an emotional impact. (Youtube, not dated and Devondale, not dated)
Devondale also launched its Customer Rewards Program on July 17th in collaboration with Snapfish by HP to encourage its sales. After having earned certain points, consumers may benefit from the reward offers. Moreover, the company’s strong R&D has helped a lot in establishing its brand name. Research & Development is undertaken by MG Nutritionals, another sub-group of Murray Goulburn, an expert in dairy technologies.
Devondale’s marketing mix has been a very effective one.