Movie review on movie: up in the air


“Up in the Air”, is a movie which had been directed by Jason Reitman, screen played by Sheldon Turner, starring beingGeorge Clooney, Vera Famiga, Ana Kendrick and Danny Mcbridge. It is also based on somea novel by WalterKim. The movie is all about Ryan Bingham, thatis, George Clooney, who is a modern business traveler, whom after staying by hopes on unseen, suddenly finds real connections. Ryan has been enjoying life of staying across American hotels, airports and rental cars. It is like he is almost achieving his life dream of ten million flier miles, nevertheless he has nothing to count on . Ryan finds himself falling in love with a fellow worker Vera Farmiga . This makes his boss Jason Bateman being encouraged by an expert Anna Kendrick, to threaten dismissing him, hence, causing Ryan to be depressed as he really wonders whether he has home.
Employee Relations is a way of creating good environment for the employees whereby they interact without any barrier . Some of the importance of effective employ relations are high productivity within the organization and human satisfaction, as in, the employees feels better treated, cared for and are safe. Ryan’s approach towards dismissal is dependent on what he has been doing as in going across the country firing employees but he has no benefit after all.
Approachestoward management of dismissals are many and depend on the situation at stake , however , some of the best ones are like, trade unions whereby the employees can form these unions to support them when dealt with unjustly . The workers should also acquire more studies to avoid being replaced, again, they should know their constitutional rights toward any dismissals. I don’t think it is ethical to terminate somebody from job through web camera. I will rather prefer face to face or oral communication, which is not biased at any level. Suppose, I was the resource manager, then, I would advise that before you dismiss somebody you need to explain for him or her the reasons behind that and give them a chance of solving such kind of an issue.
Suppose, I was in put in Ryan’s shoes then I would have demanded for my rights. This is because, it seems like Ryan never understood his constitutional rights.


Comedy Drama Film Adaptation of Kirn Novel starring George Cloney, “Up in the Air” (2009)
Howard Bretherton, “ Up in the Air (Music from the Motion Picture)”, American film (2009)
“Up in the in the Air (Music from the Motion Picture)”, the Soundtrack (2009)