Motor vehicles accidents in carlifornia essay sample


There are a variety of designs that are used in conducting a research but in this case, the quasi experiment design and the longitudinal study are suitable for the motor vehicle accident research in California. The quasi experiment design is defined as the research experimentation that does contain the random assignment for control or the treatment. This design is mostly used in fields such as psychology, social science and education. When identifying the variables in the quasi experiment design then the quasi independent variable will be manipulated so that it can change the dependent variable. This means that there will be a grouping of variables. The general conclusion will be the dependent variable that has been looked at for a number of times to see whether it will have any different outcome. This design can stretch to the point where it can bring both features of experimental that is simply the measured variables and the non-experimental that is said to be the manipulated variables.
Longitudinal research is defined as the research process that brings about end results in a relationship that is found between the variables that do not have any form of connection to the diverse surroundings variables. This research also ensures that the researcher continues studying the same individuals for long periods of time in this research it is the case of mobile phone users and its effect while driving. The data are collected from the beginning of the experiment until the end. There are benefits of this kind of research which is it provides evidence of the results of the changes in the research in this case the motor vehicle accident in California on whether it has reduced or not.
The reason why this design was chosen to do this experiment was that it is a natural experiment; therefore, it can expand to other areas or subjects so that a conclusion is made about the population. This design also includes the longitudinal research that lasts for decades. According to the research, the government had made numerous researches on the causes of accidents in which they found that one of the major causes was mobile phone use while driving. This caused the government to formulate a law that banned the usage of cell phones while driving. This design enables the researcher to have documented statistics of the improvement when it comes to road accidents reduction.
In conclusion the quasi experiment design is the most appropriate to conduct this research. This is because it combines with the longitudinal research to make a thorough investigation into all aspects of the mobile phone use while driving in California. This will provide all the necessary information that can be used in the present especially for the government to employ new rules or reforms that can help reduce accident rates in California. As an individual it helps one know the complete history of the problem because it has been conducted for a long period of time.