Motivation and motvited

Motivation and Motivated It is normal for individuals to feel the need to do something in their lives. People who have goals usually have the need to drive their behavior that explains what it is they are doing and the reason why they are doing it. Motivation is the reason why people act and maintain goal oriented behaviors. It requires one to be persistent and to keep going despite the challenges. For instance, whether it is working hard to get a promotion or losing 5 pounds after a certain period. According to psychologists, behaviors are motivated by instincts that are inborn patterns of behavior. In addition, most of the behaviors that we possess like sleeping and eating are possessed by biology. This is because of the biological need of eating and sleeping that human beings possess. Motivation requires an activity that has to be mental which include actions like planning, organizing, and physical activity that involves persistence and effort.
When mentoring other people, I believe it is important for mentors to motivate and encourage individuals (Arrington, 23). For example, I ask individuals to have mini goals within their goals. In addition, short-term goals help people achieve what they want at a short time and may require minimum resources while long-term goals are achievable over a longer period. This helps individuals develop and succeed. In my opinion, as much as people are motivated to do something, there are certain blocks that make people not achieve what they want in life. There is the feeling of fear that people have, for example the fear to fail or fear of success. Fear prevents people from achieving or expressing their full potential. Most successful people take risks and do not fear to start up their goals. They get out of their comfort zones and go for what they want. I normally ask individuals to get out of their comfort zones by trying something new and not fearing that it will fail or succeed. It is vital for people to get encouragement and support as they advance to a higher level. Additionally, learned pessimism is another block to expressing motivation. These are habits of thought acquired by people in their childhood. If an individual believes that something bad will happen or something good will happens then it solemnly happens. Individuals should learn to have positive thoughts, to keep on encouraging themselves, and to avoid people who discourage them. I also believe that it is important to accept both positive and negative feedback from people. Positive criticism is also good since people learn from their mistakes and achieve success through correcting those mistakes.
In conclusion, if an individual has the opportunity to motivate others, they should do so to help and encourage other people succeed in their goals. I am a mentor and it is my joy to see succeed and move up to a higher level. This can be done to improve an individual’s motivation, behavior, or blocking the obstacles that hinder the expression of motivation. Motivation increases by helping people have reasonable goals and ensuring that those goals are achievable and making them trust themselves that they can achieve even higher goals.
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