Morality, ethics and kindness essay sample

Question 1

I remember one day when a boy who used to deliver goods from door to door to raise his school fees in my local area. He emerged into our house and knocked. Thinking that he was just a delivery boy like any other, I rushed to the door, and the boy requested for a glass of water. Little did I realize that the boy was hungry and he was too shy to request for food, than I politely requested him to come in. I gave him a glass of milk and the way he sipped the milk without letting the glass go off his lips, I could tell he was hungry. I gave him some doughnut and soup and he was too thankful for that. This act of giving inspired the reward area of my brain, and hence triggered positive feeling. I could feel that I had an increased sense of mental happiness. This is because this act enabled me to develop a better relationship with the boy.

Question 2

I agree with the author’s idea to “ err on the side of kindness” because this option enables an individual to make an effective decision when they are in confusion. The phrase implies that when the person is unsure on what to do on the underlying situation, the best option is to be kind. When a person is being kind to other person, that person feel loved and tend to spread the kindness to other people. Kindness is therefore contagious. In this case, kindness facilitates civilization to the society since it extends love instead of hate.

Question 3

The most applicable use of the err on the side of kindness is when a person has a full knowledge and believe that harming or hurting others is as a result of fundamental lack of self-love. With that understanding, an individual can choose kindness as a way to eradicate cruelty. This implies that an individual should become cruel in dealing with the obvious hurting behaviors. For instance, on the Ellen DeGeneres’ show in 2010, she discussed with Kanye West about his cruelty to Taylor Swift on an award show previous year. In this case, Kanye did not portray the error on the side of kindness. Despite that act of mean and poor taste of abusing a female artiste, I remember some moment feeling sorry for Kanye West. Irrespective of the fact that I did not agree with the Kanye’s action, I felt sympathy for him. This is therefore one of the applicability of the “ err on the side of Kindness”.

Question 4

Based on the legal ethics, common sense of morality and kindness, managers are required to stick to a higher standard of ensuring that good is always ahead of bad. Therefore, morality, ethics and kindness depends on each other on the great extent. Rules exist that guides managers to act effectively without hurting employees, the owner of the business and the society in general. The only option to make effective decisions in the managerial setting is to make those that are not leaning to one side, but to all sides. This can be achieved by being kind to the people surrounding you.
Question 5