Moral degradation among youths essay sample

Life in 21st century is really different than before. Unfortunately I can`t see anything positive in all developments of or way of life. Technology is becoming better but people don’t. They make their life easier using all this gadgets but in the end don`t have time for anything including bringing up their children.

Most teenagers don`t have any goals and don`t contribute to our society in any way, actually they do quite the opposite: ruin it by behaving badly. But they are not the only who I have to blame. From where can they see something good? Parents are snowed under duties s with no time to spend with their own children, which is very is too bad. And who will raise them up as a valuable people? My generation is the future but what kind of future will that be?! – with no values, education and wrong points of view. People won`t be interested in global problems and will ruin everything without even realizing it only with their inactivity or warped visions of life.

I reasonably don`t want this to happen, so parents, please be more responsible, tell them how better it is to read a book instead of playing PC games and how important it is to respect other people`s thinking. And how responsible they should be because some actions remain to the end and certainly will reflect their future.

If you don`t raise them correctly who will give you some help when you get old? Surely nobody if you continue being carefree.