Modern technology is always beneficial essay sample

How did I ever survive living in an archaic world without modern technology? How can I imagine myself without a mobile phone, the internet, a car and a washing machine? During the twentieth century we have witnessed tremendous progress in technology, which has literally transformed our way of life. The new products made our life much easier and pleasanter, although a lot of people raise the question of whether modern technology really benefits society.

Nowadays, when the rapidness of development and research is so impressive, it is easy to think about the advantages of modern technology. It is universally acknowledged, that the new inventions have improved the methods used in all scientific fields. For instance, new horizons have been opened in the field of medicine providing the means for the discovery of various cures. In other words, most diseases can be more easily treated and as a result the infant mortality has been reduced to the least in developed countries. Furthermore, the enterprises have increased their productivity and have upgraded the quality of goods produced, so the customers satisfy their needs to the great extend. On the other hand, the factories must take all necessary actions to protect their surroundings from their fumes and wastes.

There is no denying that the invention of computer is extremely beneficial in the sense that gives a major possibility to teachers to use various techniques, such as presentations with PowerPoint, not to mention that through the access to the internet someone could discover the fascinating world of knowledge and entertainment. Although, the internet brings people closer each other, the abuse of computer consequently leads to social problems. People keep themselves to themselves and many times the loneliness drives people to suicide.

Taking everything into consideration the obvious conclusion to be drawn is that, our life is so integrally connected to modern technology that sometimes this connection can be regarded as dependency. As C. James once said: “ it is only when they go wrong, that machines remind you how powerful they are”. Of course it is on the enlightened citizen to use technology wisely and make it a blessing and not a curse, using its fruits for peaceful purposes.