Mining of large data volumes with the aim of advancing business operations

The paper ” Mining of Large Data Volumes With the Aim of Advancing Business Operations ” is a wonderful example of an assignment on business.
The article from the NY Times, For Big Data Scientists Janitor Work, is the Key to Hurdle to Insights, Aug 17, 2014 – Technology revolutions face a number of difficulties that limits its progress. However, such bottlenecks can be defeated with practical engineering and hard work. Big data are mined for insights and discoveries using clever software. Data normally require much time to mine due to their voluminous nature. Much time is needed to collect and prepare unruly digital data first before it is explored for vital nuggets.
Data janitorial work can be reduced by the development of software that automates the collection, cleaning, and consolidation of the plentiful but messy disparate data. However, the data should be cleared out and changed into a combined form that can be easily understood by the software algorithm.
The article from the WSJ, Getting Started in Big Data, Feb 3, 2014 -Communication skills are very crucial in the mining of large data volumes with the aim of advancing business operations. This gives actionable insights that any given business can be grown on. Communication helps data scientists to explain their findings. It also helps them to identify vital information from complex data that may have come from a dubious source.
The same point has been made by Prof. Sugiyama, who has pointed out that communication helps data scientists to collect and combine data from a large volume of information for insights that may not be clear on a small scale. Prof. Sugiyama also said that communication assists financial executives to find the right people who can simplify the big data. Prof. Sugiyama gave homework on creating value from the big data and communicating it. The article from the WSJ, Big Data’s High-Priests of Algorithms, Aug 8, 2014 – Data science has grown in demand spontaneously. Many organizations are in demand of data scientists to help them extract and interpret their large volumes of data. Data mining helps to infer behavioral patterns of different individuals, for instance, consumer behavior. Data scientists must have advanced skills that enable them to find patterns in large volumes of data.
Data mining helps in developing algorithms that can be used in different fields. Genome mapping algorithm, for instance, is used to measure the effect on customers when numerous small changes are made to online ads. With the help of such an algorithm, a small change produces a bigger impact. For instance, Facebook’s data science team manipulated the emotions of people by altering their news feeds’ content.

The article from the Chronicle of Higher Education, As Data Proliferate, So Do Data-Related Graduate Programs, Feb 3, 2014 – The increased demand for skilled data scientists is real and growing. The high demand has been fostered by the need to translate big data patterns in a form that can be used for decision making. Many students are flocking business analytics degree due to good salaries and a high number of job opportunities. Such a degree aimed at training data professionals proliferates because it represents a blending of diverse disciplines such as computer science, statistics, and applied mathematics.
An online degree in information and data science provides graduates with an opportunity to be aware of social and policy implications of data thus being able to translate data from any source.

The article from the WSJ, Big Data Gets Master Treatment at B-Schools, Nov 5, 2014 – Increased demand for a discipline that uses data to discover and solve business problems have necessitated business schools to initiate programs for the same. This has made students shift their ambitions to analytics since it combines data acumen with business skills.
High demand for hires with analytics talent has necessitated the development of Masters of Business Analytics program. The program is aimed at developing people who can synthesize data and propose changes based on those insights. The driving force behind the development of the program has been the fact that data increasingly become central to many business decisions.
Yes, Prof. Sugiyama is likely to know an individual who has graduated from the program Prof. Sugiyama attends many conferences.