Military commission

For years I have been dedicated to the principles and values that are represented by the United States Navy within my everyday life, and to thephilosophythat governs the role of theHealthCare Administration Officer in the Medical Service Corps. For this reason, among many, I am seeking a commission with the United States Navy in this capacity.

My strong work ethic, my adherence to the philosophy and ethics of both the Navy and the medical field, and my ability to work as a member of a team make me a successful candidate for this position, and I am certain that I have many qualities that I could bring to this commission that would enhance not only my own abilities, but enhance the United States Navy.

Early on I realized that it was important to help others, to go outside of the box that is the average person’s life and reach out to others, whether they live right next door or across the world. It was this desire that led me to volunteer and participate incommunity service, an experience that has helped me develop into an individual that enjoys serving mankind, and who understands the importance of doing so because I have witnessed the effectskindness and compassionhas on others in need.

Along with my desire to serve mankind through compassion, I also saw the United States military as sharing those values that I cherished, and realized that acareerin the military would allow me to use my strengths in pursuit of attaining both my own goal, and that of our nation. In high school I joined the NJROTC and remained dedicated to this organization throughout four years untilgraduation.

I have served as a Supply Officer and Commander, and through these experiences I have developed the commitment, courage, and discipline through the training provided to me by the United States Navy. Throughout these years I have never given up my belief that helping others is the highest calling of any individual, and the U. S. Navy brings out the best in me, and it is these traits that I wish to bring to the Medical Service Corps.

It was my time in theLeadershipAcademy through the NJROTC that truly transformed my life and pushed me in the direction of my ultimate goal in a commission with the U. S. Navy. During my time at the Leadership Academy I was pushed to my limits both intellectually and physically, and was asked time and time again to be the best cadet that I could be.

The fact that this was expected of me, and that others truly believed in me, gave me the will power and self-confidence to challenge myself to limits that I had never imagined possible. I was instilled with confidence, honor for myself and my nation, and learned to be self-reliant. These values all helped me develop leadership qualities within myself. By the end of my time at the Leadership Academy I was placed as one of the top three cadets and had developed newgoalsfor myself, goals that I intend to fulfill within this commission.

In pursuit of this goal, I have attained a Masters degree in Health Care Management, a field that allows me to use all of my strengths to the betterment of others. My ability to organize and effectively communicate with others are essential in this field, and I have spent many years, both inside a classroom and within the NJROTC and beyond, developing my management skills. A Health Care Administration Officer requires the ability to manage effectively and create a teamenvironmentin which to function.

The leadership abilities that I began developing at Leadership Academy, and which I have continued to develop, are essential to being successful in this field. My time in the NJROTC has taught me that I must have high standards for myself in all aspects of my life, and this would transfer easily to this position. Beyond this, my dedication to helping others and showing compassion to those who are in pain or ill, has led me to the belief that I would bring a great deal to the position of Health Care Administration Officer in the United States Navy’s Medical Service Corps, and I would be proud to continue the tradition of service and sacrifice that has been shown by my predecessors in this commission.