Meditation journal entries

First ” in-class” Meditation have meditated before, but never in class. It was quite an experience! When I meditate, I tend to think a lot. Trying not to think about anything and focusing on my breathing is very hard for me. But know it will take some practice. My mind runs a mile a minute, but repeating ” In and out” to solely concentrate on my breathing definitely helps. I can tell that was still a little distracted.

Any goose that I heard brought me back to thinking, wondering what it was, where it was coming from. Once realized I was thinking again, I brought my focus back to my breathing, remembering ” in and out”. I find it fascinating that you have to realize you a thinking sometimes it happens and you don’t even know what you’re thinking until you take a step back. The mind works in mysterious ways. I am intrigued to learn more about myself and mindfulness through mediation. /1/15 2. Youth: Nighttime Meditation Over the weekend I tried my best to take 5 minutes to myself to re-center and be present. Tonight I was having trouble winding down, so after my tea, I searched for ” Nighttime Meditation” on youth. I meditated for about six minutes until I started to drift into sleep. I enjoyed the meditation because for those few moments of the day, was able to quiet my mind, relax, and become sleepy.

I feel that guided meditation works best for me; listening to he soft spoken words of the man from the video really helps me to smash all the irrelevant thoughts going through my head and really focus on what was going on in that present moment. I also enjoyed the part of the meditation where the man was guiding me to feel my body parts, from my feet up to the tip of my head. At this point, feeling relaxed, aware, and present began to doze off. Of course, my head told me ” Hey! You’re dozing off! ” there I go thinking again, and I shut off the video and immediately fell asleep.