Medical Social Worker Field Training

List of 10 Peer-Reviewed Social Work Journals

Examples of peer-reviewed social work journals include Social Work Research, Research on Social Work Practice, The British Journal of Social Work, Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work, Social Work in Health Care, Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research, Journal of Teaching in Social Work, International Social Work, Social Casework, Advances in Social Work.

Importance of Peer-Reviewed Research Studies

The Internet allows quickly locating the needed information. Unfortunately, most of the data available on the web are not reliable. The Internet practically gives any user the freedom to write what they want and present it as a qualitative source of information. The alternative is scientific information, which is not as easy to publish and modify. The primary advantage of scientific sources is that they are reviewed by other experts in the same field. If an article or a journal is commented on by an external researcher, they become peer-reviewed. The more peer reviews there are, the more likely the piece of writing to have quality. Lee and Tratner (2020) have published a case illustration of using research on Emotion-Focused Therapy to help social workers get better results with clients. Within their research, the authors analyzed other sources and reached the conclusions that will “help social workers to re-think service delivery and attrition rates in community mental health settings to enhance health equity and the provision of socially just mental health services” (p. 1). In essence, the use of master tapes has allowed the researchers to suggest innovations in the field of social work. It is probable that without the outside sources, they would not have achieved the same results.


Lee, E., & Tratner, M. (2020). Make every session count for clients! Rethinking clinical social work practice from Single Session Therapy (SST): A case illustration of Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT). Journal of Social Work Practice, 1-21. Web.