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Journalism, Mass Media and Communication Order No. 679828 – Seventeen Magazine Faulted by Girl, 14, for Doctoring Photos – Jim Dwyer – May 3rd, 2012
A Grade eight student named Julia Bluhm, had sent in a petition to the authorities of the popular ‘ Seventeen Magazine’ asking them to publish photos that are not altered, by giving the girls reasonable body images. According to Julia, many of the girls she is associated with, have poor body images of themselves and seem quite desperate in trying to attain a perfect body. She says that this problem seems to persist due to the fashion magazines such as Seventeen Magazine that portrays girls with perfect figures and faces.
Julia meets many of the girls in her Ballet class and she often hears them pass weird remarks about themselves such as their skin is blemished or with pimples or that they had had a fat day. Some of them went to the extent of saying that they looked disgusting. Being a blogger herself, Julia brought this problem to the attention of other bloggers by starting an online petition drive.
Julia took it a step further by taking the Seventeen Magazine to school and showing it to many of the kids, both boys and girls and asked them if they agreed with the petition where she asked the Seventeen Magazine to “ commit to printing one unaltered — real — photo spread per month.” (Julia Bluhm, 2012) Most of them agreed with it and signed the petition. In fact, the total was a staggering 46, 000 people. Julia, with the help of her mother and a few friends visited the Seventeen Magazine office and held a demonstration outside. Ann Shoket, the editor -in – chief invited them inside and both parties thrashed out the problem together. Even though the editor explained that things like freckles and moles could be covered by make up, Julia was not convinced stating that it was not possible to cover up everything and so strongly feels that they were using digital retouching.
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