Master of education

Graduate School Application Essay
I wish to pursue a degree as a Master of Education graduate student due to the fact that I see there is a need to have well prepared teachers in the school systems. There is a lack of teachers. There is more of a lack in special education.
I want to be in an avant garde position where I may include several elements in the design of curriculum. These elements are developing curriculum that takes into consideration the: language, culture, history, traditions, customs, idiomatic terms, and non-verbal communication. This features add real life experiences and takes into account the student´s idiosyncrasies given multi-ethnic classroom settings.
These elements will be complemented by the use of the technology in education. This will make the students aware of the borderless education that they are receiving and how they are able to communicate with other students on worldwide basis. They are able to exchange their educational tools to enhance their education.
Several competencies may be used in the classroom, such as: how to use the multiple intelligence strategies where the educator is able to decipher which intelligences are appropriate according to the student population in the classroom. The use of both the intellectual quotient and the emotional quotient will prepare the students to be well prepared for their academic work as well as becoming part of the work force in due time. I hope to be in a position where I may use these elements in educational settings.
This academic graduate program will help me to be able to reach my educational goals and prepare me to put these strategies and theories into practice. It will help me to become a well rounded educator so that I may share my knowledge with my students and the educational system that include my colleagues.
My strengths are that I am an achiever. I am a leader in those activities that I become involved with and I also know how to become a follower. I start and finish tasks on or before their due dates. I am a responsible person and I am also a dedicated person.
One of my weaknesses was that for personal reasons my grades fell and my attendance was affected. This was due to my mother´s illness. I had the responsibility to care for her. This however became part of my strength since I knew that I wanted to pursue my educational goal and that is the reason why I am applying to your graduate program.
I hope ____________ University gives me the opportunity to pursue my educational goals. I am also eager to partake in the research that some of my professors may be involved with. I would love to put into practice some of my interests as a graduate student and help others fulfill theirs.