“mankind when left to themselves are unfit for their own government” – george washington

When we look at our past, present and possible future, things aren’t very different. People have changed, ideas have changed and the world around us has gone for a spin but there are some definite factors that have been prevalent through the ages. The downtrodden will always be there and so will the rich and powerful.

The very basis of Bourdieu’s studies takes root in this very divide. This has played an important role in defining so many ‘ norms’ in our society and has been a key factor in the shaping of the community that we live in now. Taking a look at the matter at hand, the defining of the roles of masculinity and feminism has taken shape through this very concept of the traditions and ideologies being passed down by generations of certain cultures and sectors of society that has led to the sharp barriers we have, preventing us from living in a world of equality. It’s indeed true that ‘ distinction’, as stated by Pierre Bourdieu has been a key factor in this and we shall discuss further on about it and see how and why this has occurred.

Culture is a simple yet a completely deep and rooted word that people use lightly without really understanding the crux of the word. When we go down the rabbit hole known as Anthropology, we begin to understand the word by its true meaning. Culture is something that so profoundly affects the thoughts, actions, and feelings of people in that group that anthropologists commonly say that individuals are a product of their culture (Culture, p. 15, 3-7). This shows how culture isn’t something that one develops for themselves but rather is inculcated into them by their parents and their community members. The working class has always been one for the practical thought process and whatever worked, may it be slightly wrong, was considered to be perfect. One example can be seen in the Jornaleros of Mexico as they can be said to be not passive victims, but also resist, construct, create and dream (Week 1 Presentation. ppt, s. 9, 4), who are being oppressed and have been looked over many times. Moving onto the topic of the old distinction of a man’s work and a woman’s work being set in various ways. It has been seen earlier, and even today (though not as much) that the roles of men and women have been set for them ever since they have been introduced into the community. The parents teaching a boy to be strong and work while the girl is taught to cook and look after the household.

While Generalisations about humans must take the full range of cultural diversity into account (The Study of Humanity, p. 9, 3), and yes it is true, but this ideology can be seen spread across most of the countries including America and third world countries too, though the situation is certainly becoming better as awareness is being spread and people are coming out of their social bubbles. But the fact that these norms are being drilled into the brains of many young children is still prevalent, many parts of the society are still forcing their girls to stay at home, preventing them from even getting a proper education. This, as said by Bourdieu is partly due to the working class not having all the resources that the richer classes have and settling with what has always worked for them. This divide was, and always be, the factor that has us humans divided, even after constant tries for unity. Resources are limited and greed, well, doesn’t seem to have an end. And with it comes the further classifications such as Hegemonic Masculinity. It is a weed so strongly rooted that for us to try and rip it out of the system would require a whole restructure of the functioning society. It would be ignorant to say that today, the situation has improved many folds, but sadly is only restricted to developed countries. It is an evil, something dwelling deep in our history and something that has left a permanent scar.