Management and leadership at cvs caremark

Management andLeadershipat CVS Caremark Michell McGill MGT/330 September 10th, 2012 Ed Robinson CVS Caremark is the largest pharmacyhealthcare provider in the United States with integrated offerings across the entire spectrum of Pharmacy Care. CVS Caremark is a market leader in mail-order pharmacy, retail pharmacy, specialty pharmacy, and retail clinics and is a leading provider of Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans.

As one of the country’s largest pharmacy benefits managers (PBM’s) CVS Caremark provides access to a network of more than 65, 000 pharmacies, including more than 7, 3000 CVS/pharmacy stores that provide unparallel services and capabilities(” Recruiter contact information,” 2012). The size and components of the company CVS Caremark has implemented a leadership team comprised of talented and diverse leaders who’s abilities makes the company a leader among retail and specialty pharmacies in the United States.

CVS Caremark divides the company into a Business Unit that consists of MinuteClinic, Pharmacy Benefit Management and Retail Pharmacy. Leadership, defined as influencing individual and group activities toward goal achievement. Executive leadership is a key component to the success of CVS Caremark. CVS Caremark fill many of their Executive Leadership opportunities from within, colleagues are offered development plans and encourage open dialog with colleagues and managers.

Regular training and leadership development programs ensure that talent can be promoted from within the company. CVS Caremark employs Senior Executive Teams and department and line executives these positions are responsible for support and to work with teams that manage most of the major staff support functions (” Recruiter contact information,” 2012). Management is described as the process of working with people and resources to accomplish organizationalgoals. At CVS Caremark there are several types of managers in the retail stores.

There are district store managers, district pharmacy managers, store managers, shift managers, photolab supervisors, pharmacy managers, lead pharmacy teach, minute clinic manager and each manager report to the store managers. The distribution center employs more managers as well as other departments. Roles and Responsibilities MinuteClinic are managed by nurse practitioner who offer services to treat minor health issues such as strep throat, and ear, eye, sinus, bladder, and bronchial infections. Others convince of the minute clinic is the ability to have several common vaccinations, flu shots, hepatitis A and B, tetanus, and pneumonia.

The benefit to the customer is there are no appointment necessary and the practitioner specialist can diagnose and treat and write prescriptions, which can be filled immediately in the store pharmacy with little or no waiting. Other convient services are camp, sports, and college physicals on a daily walk in, no appointment necessary. Pharmacy Benefit Management is another business unit that assists the customers with managing their benefit, filing prescription by mail and in the retail setting. The services offered help the customer file insurance and fill his or her prescriptions.

Services such as ready fill and 90 day supply of maintenance medications like blood pressure, asthma medication, birth control, etc. can be automatically refilled every month or 90 days according to their insurance plan. The benefit to the customs is that they do not have to file their insurance and be reimbursed by the insurance company. The prescriptions can be automatically refilled every month or every 90 days. CVS/pharmacy retail division is America’s leading retail pharmacy with more than 7, 300 CVS/pharmacy and Longs Drug stores .

Many of CVS/ pharmacies are open 24 hours, which is always a benefit to the customer who may have a late night trip to the ER. CVS/pharmacy offer personalized expertise, in the retail stores and online at CVS. com. This is a benefit to the elderly patients, they do not have to remember to call in their prescriptions, and they get a coursity phone call if the prescriptions are not picked up within two days after the fill. As people are living longer today the elderly many times do not have help maintaining their drugs or other needs and at time theresponsibilitycan become overwhelming.

Customers enjoy the convince to speak with a pharmacist about minor issues with their health or medications. Cot to cost every CVS/pharmacy offer prescription medications related health care products and other health products, such as first aid products, crutches, walkers for the elderly, bed pan, etc. There are 600 in-store minute clinics with more to come by 2016. The front store offer a wide variety of popular beauty supplies, health, and personal care brands, well stocked convince foods and a photo lab with one hour services and many other photo needs, seasonal aisle, and gift ideas and a large supply of cards for every occasions.

CVS Caremark is in the United States, the company is launching a Spanish version of Caremark. com. CVS Caremark planes precipitations have access to most comprehensive Spanish-language Web site in PBM industry. The services provided will be the same services as English-speaking customers. While CVS Caremark offers great services and benefits to their employees, turnover can be a problem, due to some factors that stand out, According to Sam Walton of Wal-mart, “ If you want to know where the problem is ask the front line”.

The employees at CVS have several issues that if corrected the employees may be happier and offer better customer service. One issue is with the workenvironment, in retail pharmacy employees work an eight-hour shift and many days there is no breaks, no lunch, and many times no bathroom breaks. When dealing with customers who are sick and not feeling well, and all they want is to get their medicines and go home. The employees need to have a break from the crazy fast pace of the frontline. This would take care of the bathroom problem.

While the management does not tell employees not to take a break, they also do not make taking break easy. As for a lunch break, employees can havefoodin the store but many times some stores may fill 800 to a 1, 000 prescriptions a day. This leaves little time to eat or anything else. If employees had a break and a little time to eat, service with a smile, is more likely. Another employee issue is the work schedule, no set schedules are , most store employees including managers are required to work two- day shifts and two evening or night shifts and every other weekend.

If the store is open 24 hours the last shift get off around 11: 00 p. m. . . The 24- hour stores never close for anything, rain sleet orsnow. If CVS Caremark would look at these couple of problems the service would improve, the customers would be happier. Customers can at times wait 30 minutes to an hour for their prescriptions. Employee who are exhausted and hungry and need to go to the restroom are less likely to provide great customer service. CVS Caremark management is always looking for ways to improve their service at the store level.

There are weekly phone conferences for the management team, the pharmacist, the technicians, and the minutecilnic, and retail front store. To discuss the monthly service goals and what need to be completed to improve the service for the months to come. The district managers need to be in the store more often and the management need to take better care of their employees on a daily bases and management will see a change in customer service scores. References: Recruiter contact information. (2012). Retrieved from http://info. cvscaremark. com